Something Special

The scarf is blocked, it is 52 by6 inches. Swoon, easy Drop scarf in Pink Champagne.

The bag is from Sew ? Magazine, I tried to find a link, but can’t so I must have the name wrong, it is 3 inches smaller. The pattern called for 22 inch square, I had some lining which was 19 inches square so I went with that. I didn’t like the closure so took it off, but I will think of something.

Inside, silk charmuse lining and filled with the various knitting accessories. Silk brocade on the outside, interlined with felt. That has made it quite stiff.

New finds

My latest fashion mags in a foreign language, Portuguese from Brazil. Love the clothes and the different aesthetic from the different countries. We can get several editions of In Style and Elle locally but usually just UK, France, Australia, maybe Spain or Germany. Each one is different.
I don’t think I will be the least bit fluent in Italian, French of Spanish for my upcoming trip, I am just not disciplined enough to study. I’ll be packing my Spanish and Italian language books on the plane and hopefully my high school French will be enough to get by, I am willing to do charades much to the embarrassment of my friends.

My yarn from Skein of the month has arrived for March, Web’s own brand Valley Yarn, Stockbridge, which is Alpaca and Wool. Pretty lux, dark green, the colour of the next phase of Project Spectrum which is green, brown and metallics for April and May for Earth. These are destined to be wrist warmers.

Catch a book.

The Vancouver Sun last weekend had an article about releasing a mystery book and watch it travel. Also known as Catch and Release.
Book crossing is a web site where a person can register a book, and then pass it on to someone else. Each book has an id# so you can watch it travel across the country or around the world. I am always scrounging around for a good read when I am tent trailering or sailing and the first thing, when we register for the night is to locate the book shelf in the office, where generally the rules are if you leave a book, you can exchange it for another.
So I have joined up, I’ll have to print up some labels for the inside of each book and a note for the cover and see what happens.

Scarf update , gallery visit.

I have finished the Easy drop scarf.
It still needs to be blocked but it was an enjoyable knit.

Today a friend and I went to the Bushlen Mowatt Gallery to see an exhibit by Cecilia Z. Miguez. It was wonderful called Storybooks and Time Pieces, the bronze figures were beautiful with found metal and wood objects. They ranged in height from a foot to 8 feet tall. We were both so inspired.
Here is a link to the gallery reception. They are mostly people photos but you can see the figures in the background.

I get fabric samples in the mail, once a month. The envelope took 3 weeks to arrive, nothing I really want. If there is anything I want in future mailings, I hope I get it sooner than 3 weeks, I know some people get their envelope within 3 days of them mailing it out.

the start of the flowers

The flowers are just beginning to appear, a couple of weeks from now I expect more than one hundred of the grape hyacinths, I love the lime green in the white flower below and I have forgotten it’s name. Many years ago I grew Primula’s from seed. I ended up with massive plants, a couple of feet across. I have white ones as well but they get so battered in the rain.

The hellebore I have had for ages and there used to be a whitish one that came up in this same clump but not yet this year. I saw a group of about 10 white ones at the entrance to a park.
Further down the mountain side, the pansies, crocus, and daffs are making an appearance.
These photos have been cropped, there are no other flowers around.

Play time

I had a play day at my house on Monday, two of my friends came over to play with rubber stamps with faces. We stamped out a whole bunch to use in future projects.
We painted brown paper bags, my first attempt is going to be a couple of journal covers. We used a variety of paints and the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry inbetween appplications.
Sue Bleiweiss
had both the brown bag and the padfolio techniques in the FibreandStitch3.

This blue effort was using a thin lunch bag, the other was a heavier grocery bag. This time it has been made into a Padfolio. The paper was ironed onto felt and I added a cotton lining. I stitched the whole thing on the machine with rayon thread. I made one big signature with about 20 pages, hammed a nail through it to get all the holes lined up and threaded it through with waxed linen thread in the same colour of blue. The pen holds the closure together.

Canada Post was a little better this month, my yarn from Webs arrived in 13 days, alot better than the 31 days of the month before. This month’s Skein of the month is Swoon. Silk and wool, my absolute favorite and this is the first time I have used the EasyDrop Scarf pattern. The colour is Pink Champagne. Pink is the right colour in Project Spectrum 3 for fire.

click on photos for closeups.

Spring tidy up.

It’s 5 degrees, rainy and threatening snow. He has 10 hours of work in front of him. The garden already looks better.

Today, I am going to tackle some drapery panals, which I bought at Fabricland yesterday. They are meant to gather on rods but I have a house with valences in the living room and dining room. I am going to attempt to add a hook tape and I think the valence will cover up everything. I’ll have to get the iron primed and ready to go. There is quite a bit of pressing involved.