Summer wrap 3 (August sail trip)

Thank goodness, August was good weatherwise. Nice and warm, no rain, lovely nights to sit on the boat.

YS, DiL, Dh and me, seven days on a boat. We had a lot  of fun. Don was thrilled to have someone interested in sailing and he explained a lot of the area and boating information to her.

YS visited some siling haunts of his youth. The gulf islands, Bedwell Harbour, Ganges, Genoa Bay, Telegraph Harbour, Montague Harbour, Sidney and Horten Bay. Lots of great memories, some good food. Neat sunsets. Dinghy rides( I was able to get into the dinghy, the first time since we had this boat, I guess the knees were feeling good and 20 pounds less helped as well.

The night sky app on the phone was great fun. Played crib. Knitted and Read.

Summer wrap Up 2 (July sail trips)

I was so fed up with our sailing experiences in July, I didn’t want to post at all. Thank goodness we had great sailing in August and September. Meanwhile, back to July-whenever we went out the weather was windy and often damp, if not rain, and quite chilly.

After being delayed with engine  troubles, we finally took off 2 days late, running out of time, we went to Blaine from Point Roberts. Not far, and we never stop in Blaine anymore comming back from the US. So we made the best  of our opportunity to look around and explore a few blocks of Blaine and the park next to the water.  I didn’t take many pictures but this shows the peace in the marina. Great dock by the way.

There are always birds. I took the picture of the Heron, thru one of the windows on the boat, and really cranked up the dial for a close up.

We did not fair much better the next time out and made it to Bellingham, it takes a few hours to get there by sailboat.   I had never been to Fairhaven, so this was my opportunity and the marina had a driver shuttle us there and back. Had a great time looking into stores, got some yarn and a lunch. Then back to the marina.

Big wide docks again and on shore  wonderful flower beds which I enjoyed.  I had a dead camera battery in Fairhaven, what a disappointment.  The weather was predicted to have a good rain for the next few days.  We opted for our own bed and the comforts of home as hubby wasn’t feeling that well.

The last time in July was Sushia Island.  A rough muddled  sea, getting there, I was sick  and we had  a tough time to get the mouring bouy  secured and we were there for the night. Grey, windy and everyone staying inside, Lots of waves. Morning it did not look better,  we went home.

On the way home on July 23.

summer wrap up part 1

Oh, my I have  been silent. I didn’t think anything was worth writing about at the time.  I did some art work, made a ring pillow for a wedding, made a linen dress, a couple of other things were sewn. Lots of books were read. Knitting was started 3 or 4 projects, 2 finished. (well, not blocked yet).  Went out on the boat a few times. Had a family party. had company.

The ring pillow was for a dear friend. The wedding was wonderful. It was a beautiful day and so much fun for everyone. My friend likes her bling, had a wonderful dress with pleated chiffon and I wanted to play with that idea. So pearls, aurora borealis sequins, and tanzanite crystals.

I gatherered up  a 39 inch length of chiffon, and basted the edges to a backing of silk duponi,  and then just set about folding, pleating and placing the sequins.  The back was left plain, with a folded silk signature which was buttoned into place. The outside was covered in more sequins and beads. the inside was embroided with their initials, and wedding date..  A loopy ribbon was placed on the top of the pillow.