GPP Crusade #38

Well, it is right at the wire to post, but I have done Crusade #38, Grab a Tissue with Michelle Ward. Seeing everyone’s work is inspiring we all work in different colour palates. I had received something wrapped in blue tissue and already had some nappy liners done with gesso and yellow acrylic. So I decided to go in that direction. That was really easiest stuff to lay my hands on and I had gessoed the pages in the journal in advance. So a combination of gesso, acrylic paint in aqua and yellow, a couple of art stamps, a little distress pads over the top and some thin tape to out line and I was nearly done. Now to link it together, I added calligraphy and a cut off bit from a fabric experiment. It was tricky to write over the tissue paper both when it was glued down well and a bit bumpy and also where it wasn’t quite glued well enough.

My DIL grabbed a banner to put in my blog. Now I am really committed to continue. You can click the banner to read about this challenge.

Tacoma continued

I just wanted to add a couple of links to my last post. The reason I failed to do this in my last post was that I lost the cursor.

So in the little area that we looked at we went to two of my favorite places. Grassi’s flowers and gifts. Their site was not running.  They have incredible clothes and jewelry and serve a fabulous lunch. The other store was BKB&Co, lots of jewelry, gifts and accessories. You can take a virtual tour of their store on line.

I did not buy any yarn while I was away.

Tacoma visit

Last Saturday, I went exploring again in Tacoma. My exploring seems to involve only a couple of blocks near the Union train station. I am content in this area and I don’t need the car. The free trolley in the area went near our hotel and took us where we wanted.
Finally, I made it to the Museum of Glass. It was wonderful, there is a new exhibit outside by Martin Blank, Fluent Steps, a 209 foot installation with over 700 pieces of glass took my breath away. I didn’t see it at night when it was lit up. But in the daylight it sparkles.
Inside an exhibit by Preston Singletary, whose work I had seen in when we were visiting Boston. His skill with glass and his interpretation of Tinglit design was stunning.
There was also a Kids design glass exhibit, which was a great deal of fun.
The hot Shop Amphitheater was wonderful, nothing like comfy seats to enhance the experience!

Here are some of the photos.

Project yarnway for March.

The challenge for the design was to use something not produced for knitting as the material to work with this month.

Well, what non regular knitting material would I work with. I did paper once, I used paper streamers and knitted a crown, had visions of what neat Christmas hats they would make to wear instead of the paper crowns that come in the crackers. But one was all I made and One friend saw it turned it upside down and tried it on as a collar, I think I like it better as that. The crown was in Alterknits.

I have cut out jersey fabric into strips–too stretchy and combined with a different yarn it did not work out well.

So I’ve  been thinking and looking at things.

I don’t want to work with anything too thick. I know people who weave with different materials, kelp, wood, metal but there is a lot of twisting and looping needed for knitting.

So what is out there that might work, silk hankies, plastic lacing, wire, long grass-(too damp this time of year-) and I’m not shipwrecked on an island making a shelter). fabric torn into strips, same with plastic bags, (that is not for me).

I suppose that I could use leather cord. ( I tried this too hard an end project for what I had in mind.)

How about serger thread, I could start with a strip of fabric and serge over to create a new yarn. I could also cover ribbon, raffia or paper.

I am more into accessories for this challenge, so I thought of leather cuff for a coffee cup, an wrist cuff, a cord necklace, crocheted flowers.

I even thought of knitted dough, someone did that, I am glad someone was brave enough to try.

I have the feeling that for this challenge I am  sitting out on the sidelines cheering on the participants.

Change of plans

My friend picked me up fairly early so we could get to the Fraser Valley  bead show bright and early in Coquitlam. Imagine we were early for once, we got there about 10 and it didn’t open until 2 on Friday. We had the delicious problem what to do with our free time. We took off for a mall that we hadn’t visited but as we were passing through New Westminster, we saw a bead store. That was enough to stop us, it has been many years since I had shopped in New West.
But first we came upon a paper store called Paper poet, so we both spent a few bucks.  Paper is another ongoing passion. Then it was on to the bead shop Moody Beads, some lovely stuff in there as well and I got a few copper findings and a couple of beads that could fit a pandora style bracelet.

We went back to the bead show, still a little early but lots of time for an Apple tart and another pot of tea, even though we had just had lunch and tea at a new cafe and bistro in New West.

Well, the bead show didn’t disappoint, my friend headed for her favorite place to buy silver chains and findings. I went the more funky route. Lampwork beads are my favorite and one of my favorite artists was there from Caliente glass and I picked up some orphan beads from here.

Fire design beads were beautiful and I picked up some findings and beads for a pandora style bracelet.

My best find was the antique flowers from I Found Gallery in Vancouver, all of a sudden I had my direction for the doll that I will be making in a couple of weeks at Fibre in the Forest.  I was hoping for inspiration and I found it!

Home improvements.

The painting is nearly done. downstairs is painted, it is lovely and I finally feel the colour is right for us.

My hubby is putting the downstairs powder room back together with a new vanity, sink and accessories. We have to buy the new light and mirror yet as well.  Then to rehang draperies, pictures etc and it will look like a whole new place.

I’ll post some pictures after the place is back together, some accessories are needed.  I am so happy, this townhouse finally fits us. Every room feels just right.

The colour in the hall way and stair well, is boardwalk(BMcc41o) This was my favorite colour in the crayon box when I was growing up. My sister always seemed to have it. I guess it was closest to my hair colour, sort of golden ochre.

Two New Books

Since I joined project Yarnway at ravelry, I have purchased a couple of books.
Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel and Design it, Knit it by Debbie Bliss. I am enjoying both books and am picking up some useful hints. There are good pictures.
My last 4 sweaters haven”t fit as well as I like,.
One I followed a pattern and it was too large. The other 3 I designed. One was a halter top for the 2006 Olympics, I wore it a couple of times and then I ripped it out. The second top was made, my first attempt at a wool cardigan– too short, too wide at the back and I intend to have another attempt at it!The third one is a bamboo tank– it has been taken apart twice and I am losing patience.
Last year, I knit sock and scarves most of which turned out well. This year, I’ll commit to Project Yarnway, hopefully, I ‘ll learn something during the design process and from my new books, other wise, I’ll continue on the same path with knits I’m not pleased with wearing.

It is Christmas again.

My husband was missing an important piece of mail. A group of exams had gone missing and then it was discovered it had gone to the old house.

The current owner hadn’t seen the mail but had had someone staying in her place. When she phoned them, she discovered they had put the mail for us in a box. So she had to hunt through her boxes to find our stuff.

So today, we got 25 pieces of mail, 11 Christmas cards, 2 sympathy cards, 11 pieces with financial  information and the lost exams.

So I’ll be catching up with the latest letters and I am pleased to know that an elderly relative is still sending me mail.  If those exams hadn’t gone missing I don’t know if I’d have ever seen  the rest of the mail.

New Paint

Tomorrow the painter comes to do the downstairs, hallway and stairs and the master bedroom. I am so excited.
I was confused about colour and where to begin, and had read a ton of books, looked at magazines etc and still none the wiser.
I called Maria from Colour Me Happy.  I loved reading her blog. The consultation was so much fun, the colours are me. The colour flow, from room to room, is wonderful and I just can’t wait to see the transformation.

Maria linked to my blog,  mentioning the peach colour in my studio/craft room.  That colour is being repeated again in my kitchen. Goodbye blah beige.

Right now the powder room has been dismantled, walls and holes have been filled and patched and sanded.  We are in the mess stage. It seems like every time I want to move, there is a ladder, tools or something else in the way.

I went shopping today, got a new lamp for the dining room, cushion forms to cover to match a chair. I couldn’t get the curtain rod I wanted, so I am still on the hunt for it.

Highbrow Hobo Bag

Edited: I used the word vinyl but pleather is probably what I used.

The Highbrow Hobo is done. Designed by Lisa at U-handbag-– this pattern was purchased sometime early last year. It sat for quite awhile after I had cut it out. Of course, the designer recommends cotton and I used vinyl– her pattern was well constructed with excellent instructions. I didn’t have quite enough vinyl to cut out full width straps, I didn’t want the lining used as suggested. That is when I put it away to have a few thoughts about what to do next. Another problem with the vinyl is that the iron on interfacing didn’t adhere very well, and when I did put up the heat on the iron the vinyl melted! Oh, the problems we can create for ourselves. So in the end, I adhered the fleece interfacing to the cotton interior, and used other interfacing for the vinyl. I played up the lining by adding piping to the pocket edge and I faced the inside of the straps with lining as well.
The black chair print came from Liberty’s in London in 1994, it was about time I used it.

I have really enjoyed using this purse, it looks fabulous with jeans and a rust suede jacket. I am having trouble with making a proper link but the bag is from Feb 09.

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