Gibson’s Landing fibre Festival

My hubby and I are sailing over to Gibson’s on the 18th and staying in the marina for a couple of nights. It gives him a couple of days to putter on the boat, sail etc and it gives me the opportunity to  see lots of neat woolly things, plus other arty things. It is one of my favorite places even though it is on a steep hill  mountain.  Great little shops, good galleries, tourist atmosphere and not far from home.
Knitting, some day I will get it, knitting lace that is. I will never do a shawl or use mohair or anything fine. I have soooo much trouble just knitting a pattern with 19 stitches and 16 rows with silky wool. No matter how many times I check that yes, this time it is right, several rows later after it has had a chance to relax or something, yeeks, a dropped stitch.  I try to take extra pains, slow down, really concentrate and check after everytime I K2tog or ssk, but one little stitch escapes the process.
I am not going to say how many times I have ripped out, I am thankful the yarn stays together.  I have to say I am not frustrated  just disappointed each time I must frog.  I still enjoy the process but will proudly post pictures when it is completed.
It is not a big project  but so far 3 days, but whose counting.

photo op

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I am fairly pleased with my new top, it is heavy but comfortable in the heat.
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I got both balls of this yarn the other day for $6.00 and the colour is aqua, so it is more muted than it appears. This will be socks someday, something where the stitch detail will show.
My friend Damselfly had a blog this week on knitting acromyns on toads into Princes. Go take a look, I’ve had a few in my time.

I’m so excited.

My green Katia Idea top is finished. I’ll attach photo’s later, the batteries are charging now. A couple of days ago, I wasn’t so happy, I tried on the top and it was too low cut. So I had to remove the crocheted edging along the armseye and shorten the straps by an inch front and back.  I then put two rows of crochet around the neckline and one row around the armeyes. It needs a little pressing on the trim.
I was also finishing off another book today with the textured cover, I don’t know if it was my new hammer or just over enthusiasm but the eyelet hole went through the book cover, the green cutting mat and made a great indentation in my desk as well.
I am happy to finish a couple of things, it has been very hot  and today the house inside has been mid 70’s instead of mid 80’s. No breeze today but there was a breeze yesterday and it was lovely.
Garden news:
The blueberries have been sweet but only 2 bushes with fruit this year but I love going out and eating a warm handfull. As a teenager I picked blueberries at 6 cents a pound, I don’t know the going rate for the pickers any more, they probably use machines to shake the fruit off now, but anyrate the instore price is $2.98 per pound!
About 10 years ago, I bought a thornless blackberry plant, it doesn’t put out suckers for new growth, it was in a pot for several years with maybe 15 berries a year(none of which tasted anygood), This year is the 2nd year in the garden, we are going to have tons. The trick will be to pick them when they are ripe before the birds and racoons get them.

works in progress

Have you wondered what happened to all my works in progress. Most remain in the spot I left them, waiting for me to finish off the small bit remaining. This is typical of my approach to my crafts. The list expands, lanquishes near the completion stage for days, weeks or months. A couple of things more than a year.
As a result, I have necklaces needing a few more beads and a closure, a coat half sewn, it has never been cold enough to warrent finishing it, 2 atc swaps I signed up for and due by Sept 1, my green summer top, which is actually being blocked today.
There is also the olympic top out of Giotto, the back now looks good, the front is being redone, the neckline was too low and now I have decided on a halter top and need to look up some different necklines for that.and I decided to make it a little longer so a trim on the hem is called for and no I don’t know what I am doing regarding that.
One biggy, I haven’t mentioned before is I am taking part in a big swap. It is an alphabet fat book.  Pages are 4×41/2″, 29 to make on the letter Y, with embellilshments.  I signed up in a moment of weakness, I haven’t done a fat book before.  I have watercoloured  the backgrounds and cut out the pages.
The sewing is in the same state, hems on a coverup for vacation and a new linen top needs to be ironed.
Quite a few knitters have a lot of wips but I don’t know if it overlaps into the rest of their lives. I have known of people who only do one project at a time, but after my association with them, they now excitedly start more than one project at once!

Olympic Knitting Part 1 and 2

No pictures yet today, they are all washed out or too dark.
I have finished the front, I think, I might need another row or two on the shoulders. and I still need to crochet a neck edge and do something with the bottom edge as well.
Part 2 the problem or will it be wonderful?
I have quite a bit of yarn left over so now I am knitting a back.  That might mean I am now making a halter, so the front straps  will need ripping out and a halter neck  figured out.  or maybe if I have enough yarn, I could do straps on the back to meet up with the front at the shoulders.  I don’t think there will be enough for a v-neck back as well.
I had jersey fabric that I was going to use for the back, that still might be a reasonable option.
I am using 2 balls of Giotto from Colinette colourway Sahara. Attempting a sleeveless tank.  Needles: Denise circ.

Lace covered tree.  This was in the paper this morning, a large tree covered with crocheted lace.  I had never heard of Janet Morton  before  but some of the photos that I have seen on line are vaguely familiar.  I hope to get out and take a look. shows more of her work.

I haven’t blocked anything yet, I have been sewing a long coverup for the trip to Greece, working on my knitting olympic project I am making it up at this stage, there may be another unravel  before I get it right.  but it is good up to the armpits.
A couple of days ago,  G&L were over and the three of us attacked the deck. It needs a redo, the floor of it is spongy. So far the railing is off. 

quiz time

What kind of knitting needles are you?

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This is a first time for me to get one of these quizzes on my blog.  with a link.

This is a Hat?

Two balls of cascade 220 for this pattern  Deb’s Derby and now I need faith that it will shrink and felt(actually this is called fulling). If I hadn’t closed in the top, it could be a full length skirt for a little girl!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI am not brave enough yet to give it a whirl in the washer.

Yesterday, my book came in the mail. I hemmed and hawed about this, but in the end, I was so intrigued with the math angle of the designs I ordered it from Knit PIcks.
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I am loving this book, of course, I have knitted nothing but I love the format, explanations and the funky sweaters.
Back in May, my doll group gave me a gift certificate at the LYS.  I went in with no expectations except for maybe some Koigu but no, I fell in love with Patagonia, which is cotton, I first met this yarn a year ago. The colorway 212 did me in and of course I bought way more that the gift certificate covered.  But I would not have spent that much on a sweater without that yarn money.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am giving equal time to my hubby sailing the boat.
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Sailing weather.

Last Wednesday, we went down to Anacortes to move the boat to Canada.  We slept on board that night and left the next morning for Customs at Bedwell Harbour. We docked  at Poet’s Cove Marina It sure is a nice resort.
The next day, June 30, we went to Sidney to pay taxes at Customs. We were able to dock for the night. We had a good visit with family.Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI am looking quite pleased with myself. How  civilized is this? Hanging baskets at dockside.  This was a high tide, we were waiting until it was dark enough for the fireworks for Canada Day. It was quite something to hear all the boat horns sound at the end of the show.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOur boat the Pathways, is securely docked between two large power boats. I docked the boat in this space. No wonder I look pleased. I was also very happy with my rubbermaid step to help me get on and off the boat. It is working very well and is easy to store.
Canada day, we went through Active Pass and on to Sand Heads lights, the first time we have crossed the gulf from  that direction. We motored a total of 88 nautical miles.  The wind coming from the wrong direction or was too light to make much headway with the sails up.

I did manage a little knitting on a hat. I’ll do knitting posts later in the week.