travelling expectations

I think one of the best ways to travel, is to just enjoy. I had scanned the travel books, and I decided early on that what ever I saw it would be good. We travelled with another couple, who brought a couple of books with them and we discovered after a few days that we had done 6  of 10 of the best walks of Athens.  Don had his GPS, but it didn’t work well in Athens with the density of buildings but he had it working on the bus tours and and on the sailboat. We bought a map while we were there as well.
The Athen’s bus trip circled around and around picking up people from other hotels, but as we passed some areas for a third and fourth time, things were starting to look familiar.  A lot of the apartments are about 4 stories high and the balconies are covered with awnings down to the next floor, the roofs are covered with old tv aerials and oaccasionally a satelite dish. Some balconies and roofs are densely covered with plants. The Athenian Callithoe is where we stayed,  in the non smoking rooms which weren’t quite as luxurious, but the resturant on the roof with the view of the Acropolis at night was wonderful and mesmerizing.
The first site on the bus tour was the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s arch.
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Back from Greece

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRemember this, it wasn’t a mistake! It was a customized landscape for a public art project.  I guess that explains why nobody fixed it!
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOur first hotel in Greece and this church was directly outside our window.
I fell in love with Athens at that moment.
We have over 800 photos to edit, I think I will make my own Greece photo calendar this year,  and a lot of material to sort out. I did do my journal, and the only thing that I drew in it was fashion.  but I glued in a lot of tickets, and keepsakes and made notes every day. The bus tour was tiring and we were glad it was for only 4 days.  We went to Olympia, Delphi, and Meteroa to see the monastaries built in the mountains. We had an excellent guide but when we returned to Athens, we felt mueseumed out. So spent the next couple of days walking and exploring and that was mostly in stores and alleys.
The time on Mykonos was wonderful, windy, loved the architexture.
The sailing adventure for a week was great, much lighter winds in the Ionian than in the Agean. Loved Cephalonia.
More details to follow on the food, clothes, etc.

We’re off.

We will leave for Greece in the am. I will report back in 3 weeks.

follow the diagram

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The city gardeners followed the head gardeners plan without thinking. I get a giggle every time I pass by this flower bed.

Knitting: I did finish one more Christmas present with silky wool. I love that yarn and I am pleased to report I am getting better with lace. Today the new Mag Knits is up., there are some great socks, fingerless gloves look interesting to do as well.  I see Spun is now going to be posted in the fall. 
I haven’t been knitting at all, sewing for the trip has taken over.
I made a denim jacket and pants, this week, 3 security pockets to hide stuff, and today I have been working on a microfiber blouse that I started a couple of years ago. It will look great with the jacket and pants so I am giving it a whirl.

Household: We had a leak in the plumbing, we could hear running water. It turned out it was on District property and they fixed their portion on Monday, they repatched the road on Wed and today we had our pipe to the house replaced and a new valve put in. The old pipes were 50 years old and very brittle.

Journal: I have a journal decorated and tags with ribbons and a glue stick ready for vacation. One paint brush and a bunch of coloured squares inside the back cover with water soluble crayonss, for adding colour to my artwork.