I found a book.

I wrote a long time ago about Bookcrossing and I have neglected in being a participant. I always look through bookshelves  and found a book in a hotel lobby.  I have never read a V.C.Andrews book so I picked up “Cat”. Ut was a bit too much young adult for me.  But I felt excited to find a  book from bookcrossing.

I haven’t released it into the wild yet.

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday, we made it to NorthHampton to the Webs store and it did not disappoint. I was overwhelmed in the main store and couldn’t make up my mind. I also made it to the back room. OMG unbelieveable. I finally just bought a couple of balls of Trekking Pro Natura sock yarn. Heather will get to choose one, the next time we get together. We then had a great sandwich for lunch.

Next on the agenda was Stow, the home of Quilting Arts magazine. http://www.quiltingarts.com/ After a lovely ride through the country on a grey day, we found the store quite easily. The store owner was packing up many boxes for the Houston Quilt show, there was a great assortment of things to chose from, books galore, I got 2, dyed silk rods, rubber stamps and I bought some mermaid stamps for my altered art as well. I forgot to get a photo at Webs, but I am happily clutching my stash after shopping at the Quilting Arts store.
On the way back to the motel, we stopped at the mall in Woburn and went into the Fabric Place, mostly household and quilting fabrics. The fashion fabrics were a good selection but fancier than I need in my wardrobe. There was also a good selection of knitting yarns and books.

Today, was a bit drizzly but we didn’t get too wet. We went to the Museum of Fine Art http://www.mfashop.com/index.html and it lived up to its reputation. The Monets were wonderful, saw some great contemporary art, interesting shoes and then we had a great Asian Shrimp salad for lunch.

From there we saw a small section of Copely square and had a look at expensive clothing and shoes. Really neat stuff.

the Fabtour 2007

Just a little yarn from Japan, wool and intended for a new scarf from a shop in Portland called Knit,Purl.
Books from Barnes and Noble and 50 % off one book. I am loving all three.

Craft goodies, bits for dolls, altered art, book binding, jewellry etc. Fabric from 3 stores, upper fabric is bamboo jersey knit, nylon mesh on the left and tencel on the right.

My friends and I had a good time on our Fabtour of Portland with a stop over in Issaquah and two stops in Tacoma, we saw Dale Chiluey glass installations, great clothes in several locations and ate good food. Lots of laughs and we were exhausted on return.

The muse has returned

Although I have a lot of projects in the works, a lot of the time it feels like I am just getting nowhere. Usually a bunch get finished around the same time. The number of projects never decreases, because I start something new before finishing that last little bit.

This time on the boat, I packed my largest suitcase just to manage my crafts and reading materials. I read the Bonesetter’s Daughter http://www.amazon.ca/Bonesetters-Daughter-Amy-Tan/dp/0804114986/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/701-0605876-4065134?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187383580&sr=8-1 by Amy Tan, just loved it. I had a good selection of my favorite magazines, bought new ones while away and I bought a book, http://www.amazon.ca/Stitch-Dissolve-Distort-Machine-Embroidery/dp/1596680504/ref=pd_bowtega_1/701-0605876-4065134?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187398179&sr=1-1I read everything from cover to cover. I don’t do my crafts when the boat is underway, so it is only when tied up that I accomplish anything. I have a lot of time to mull over and ponder my crafts with no distractions of a house to clean or a garden which desparately needs work. No phone and no computer.

I took 3 knitting projects and only worked on one. I took altered art supplies and made 2 ATC’s, and a couple of journal pages. I took a case with hand embroidery, I didn’t do that but worked on some needlecanvas, it has been a few years since I did any and I found myself getting excited about it again.

So when I found silk experiment kits, foil, puff paint, tyvek fabric and lutrador. I had ideas for dolls. I need to experiment now and see how my materials evolve.

In the meantime, I blocked the baby sweater——oh my goodness the fronts are different sizes, I was quite shocked. Not a big problem, just have to get at it and finish it.