1 Skirt.

I finally finished something, a skirt with a faced waistband and a flared hem. I used a poly, rayon, spandex in a carmel colour. I haven’t put that much work into anything for a long time.
I used a Burda pattern 8280
Regarding my Vogue blouse it is nearly finished as well. I will soon post pictures

I just joined a Burda site, they are beta testing some new patterns.

I will try links at a later date but sofar I am not having much luck with the process.

Problem Solving

Today the photo of the purse with the cut through the felt top. I was so pleased it worked and didn’t fall apart. I can now see the potential. Maybe beaded atc, small beaded clutch, a pocket on something.  They would all take a bit of work.
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The sock remains at this spot, I swear for 10 days, although for the last 5 I haven’t even touched it.
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A bright spot is this green and coral amarylis, unusual colour and a determination to live and bloom. I bought it in mid November and forgot it on a much crowded desk. I was horrified  to discover it at the new year, still in the net bag, all twisted about trying to find the sun.  I plunked its roots in water and it sits at a terrible angle but this is the third stalk. I am glad it was so hardy as I have good intentions in the garden shops  and don’t always follow throught with planting and the care needed.

I have started another blog over on blogger. It is for clothing, dolls and things related to fabric. This one will continue to be knitting, paper arts and the rest. 
http://fabricfan.blogspot.com/      see you there and right now it is pretty bare, it is not pretty yet and that will be next on my agenda.

A new start

The start of a new blog has me excited. This one is will be more specific, namely sewing with fabrics, my wardrobe and my doll making.
For this new year, I have decided to join SWAP(Sewing with a Plan) and I find already the choices are easier on what to sew first. I am not offically joining the group of 50 people working on 11 items in 3 months of sewing. I enjoy their encouragement of each other and I have always loved to see what others are creating.
My sewing room is currently under repair due to a flood. I hope to have the room more organized than it was pre flood, and I hope to be able to make some choices on what I really need.

Boxes, Boxes

There are 23 cardboard boxes filled with the contents of my sewing room,  now stacked in piles up to the ceiling of the basement. I also have a rec room  packed up to the tv with fabric containers, wool   in more containers and assorted other containers and piles of excess, from behind the couch to the crafting area. There is no space in the rubber stamping area for anything else.

In the midst of this, I will continue to sew up starirs in the dining room, and work on the sock down stairs. I have been working on the sock and I am still on the heel. I was making good progress but screw ups continue or I drop a stitch or two and it is easier to just rip it out and start again.

I have been contemplating cutting my felt hat that doesn’t fit.  I had made a purse at the same time, I hadn’t photographed it, it was worse than the hat.  Last night, I got the scissors out and cut the black 4 inch band in a wavy line. I have pulled at it and played with it, and it still stays together. So there is hope for the hat and I will eventually cut the brim to size and adjust the height of the crown.  My hat is in one of the 23 boxes and it may take a few weeks until I find it again.

I suppose the next thing will be to rip up the sewing room floor.

New toys

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My new scale, latest yarn which I have had for a couple of weeks and I used an OTT light, which a friend gave me. The light gives a truer colour although I still needed a flash. It is such a dark day today.

socks, new clothes

I have finished the first project of the new year.
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Dyed in Dec of 05, 2mm needles, knit picks sock yarn.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis show 4 tops and a jacket. The yellow and  green sleeveless tops are knit cotton and spandex, the sweater with sleeves is cotton.
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This is the close up of the leather jacket with the poly for the blouse. I have to finish the blouse cause I love the two together, but alas, the fitting is still a major problem. I met with another friend today who suggested some changes to the pattern. So once I redraw the pattern, I’ll make a muslin, I think I’ll make the sleeves a bit larger as well.

2 days of sun

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Two days of sunshine might not sound like anything special. but it is. We had our last full day of sunshine on Halloween. So to wake up to bright sunshine, snow and ice is great, quite the little mood lifter.

Today, I went to the Bodyworld show at Science World. It was quite incredible and seeing the disection of the nerves and the blood vessels was really interesting to me. Real cadavers that have be plasticized. What a learning tool.

Then my friend and I went to a clothing sale at Snazzie, I found a stack of clothes I liked. 2 coral cotton tops, one with screen printing, 2 sleeveless knitted tops in 2 different greens, one green crochet modern looking sweater, 1 leather jacket in turquoise. Then we got groceries and I picked up the latest Threads mag.
When I got home all the drainage problems had been taken care of and now I just have to deal with the restoration of my sewing room.

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