The list of things to do

I couldn’t get much done, so many ideas were running around in my head. Shall I sew, what shall I do first, garden, re-organize the kitchen, dye fabric,  So I decided to write a list just quick with no particular thought to needs, timelines etc. Yikes! 4 pages! So how to attack that.

Prioritize the list. I put one item on it.   Easy and big impact! So I started with the bedroom pillow covers and a duvet, I still have the zipper to put in and of course it will be now too hot to keep it on the bed. I hated my old bedspread. So now will also have to think about art work and a couple of accent small afghans to relieve too much of the same pattern.

In the meantime, I am still dithering around, I rearranged my sewing room yet again.

Sometimes you find treasures.

We had a few days up in the Okanagan and in Penticton I visited the thrift store.I found 2 old Butterick transfer patterns for cutwork. I have been wanting to add something extra in the way of lace to a linen top, it may not get done for an upcoming trip but now I have a starting point. It is a long time since I have done any serious needlework, so I would have to practise first to make sure I could get my stitches even, and besides I have done hardanger embroidery so there are some similarities. Only 1 of the designs is missing.

There was a Kwik sew pattern for Toddler boys, I got the grandsons and a whole whack of denim in the stash. It is too dark for me.

I don’t usually go for old sewing books but I couldn’t resist this one, published about the time my mother got her featherweight singer. So just a bit of nostalgia. I love the part where it suggests that you go done to the store each season to get measured by the Singer instructor and on your final fitting to go in for final appraisal. The Singer Dressmaking Guide originally 25 cents.

So I got the whole lot for $1.00. IMG_2453

So far this year in knitting

It has been very slow and I only have one thing on the needles at present and it has been there 2 years.  I will probably start another pair of socks before it gets done.

I did make some bunnies as Easter gifts for my grandsons. Last year I gave them boy bunnies and thought that girl bunnies should be given this year. The girl bunny dresses match the shorts and sweaters of the boy bunnies.The patterns are on ravelry by  Julie Williams of little cotton rabbits. I used cotlin for the dresses and wool of the Andes from Knit picks. I enjoyed the process of knitting but there is a lot of ends to sew in and that took me awhile.


I made socks for me, just a basic sock on 2mm needles for me. I love the mix of colours  from Ancient Arts. 3 ply fingering/sock 80% superwash merino and nylon.. Colour Frolic.


I was proud of my effort.

I sewed up a couple of pairs of pants gathered at the waist. It has been my go to pattern for a number of years, a ratty tissue from Simplicity 6191. Since it already had been altered at one time. I forged on ahead. I wanted to try the pants in linen, as that is my favorite summer material. I am planning a travel wardrobe for the fall which will include London, England and Istanbul plus sailing. I used a couple of well aged pieces of linen from the stash both blues, don’t have much to wear with either one,  So the first pair I did with hong kong seam finished, cut lovely rayon bias and applied to the best of my ability, each seam was progressively better than the last, but I don’t think any of my sewing teachers would have given me more than a pass. But I am still willing to improve my craft. I will have to draft a new pattern.  I will not be discussing my attempt of jeans.

Have I never done a shot of my back side before?

Heck I went our shopping anyway and will wear them a lot. It is not like I have never had a baggy pants  before now. LOL


I will just keep walking forward and perhaps a long drapey tunic to the knees is called for, but that might be a bit warm. At least the elastic waist is the right size and dose not slip or gape, I usually just use a a length of selvedge.This pair is quite a bit darker than the photo shows and my other pair is close to this colour but are just below the knee in length.