knitting on hold.

On Saturday, I am taking a course, and hoping I am up to the challenge. I haven’t attempted anything this ambitious. The
text and texture journal  I am really excited about it. Still getting together some of my supplies.

Olympic knitting continues and I will have to continue my knitting into the Worlds skating event. I have drastically revised my design and it now will be only knit on the front, the back will be jersey knit and if I have any yarn left over, which I am getting nervous about, I will somehow add Giotto to the back.
I have gone back to my comfort knitting, a sock and am working on the heel flap.
I have sent off my green atcs and now have a challenge atcs, we are all working with identical bits and pieces. Each atc must have a minimum of 3 items, which had been sent out to each of us.

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This is the multidirectional diagonal scarf done with multi coloured chenille. I had two hanks of this yarn bought several years ago, So I didn’t know my yardage, I just used a little over one hank. Before it was blocked, it was nearly 3 3/4 inches wide and 54 inches long and now the width is just under 3 1/2 inches. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed working all the short rows.

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This is my new cast iron plaque for the garden, it is really a lot darker in colour closer to black than grey and is about 15 inches in height. My dh is busy making me an arbor trellis, when it is built, I will post a picture. I am really excited about it. I don’t relish digging the garden around the sides, it was an old driveway area.  I am just imagining the hydrangeas and clematis growing over the next few years.

The olympic knitting was just zipping along and once again I had doubts.  Talk about stumbles, falls,starting over, I have done it all several times!! Not yet ready to throw in the towel but I am definitely reconsidering my design. I had better think on this for awhile.

Olympic Hurdles

An hour and a half after the flame was lit, I decided to check on my progress. I had made my swatch on regular needles and had 13 stitches to the 4 inches, using 8mm needles . Since I cast on 8mm circular needles, my biggest fear was the dreaded twisted first row, but I persisted until I was in row 5. First thing that is not so good is the curling of the lower edge, my DIL, aka      had warned me of this possiblity but I forgot.  I threaded half the stitches on the needle onto a carrying thread—-YIKES—-half is nearly the entire width that  I need. I measured somehow I have 4.5 stitches to 4 inches when I work with circular needles. It is all now ripped off the needles, while I have a think. So far one walk in the garden, primulas are in bloom. and I think I will go sew for awhile. I must remember that this is more normal mode of work, Dive in, reassess, solve the problem , start again.  I find it good to find out the problems at the beginning rather than the end of the project.


It was my birthday yesterday. My dh gave me Sally Melville’s colour book, I love it and we went out for a great lunch. Today was another special lunch at a tea house resturant at Thread Bear a quilting fabric store. They have a  small selection of yarn and now have Noro in stock and some great felted bags, for inspiration. I have a great plaque for my garden, a toy cat to keep me company as I seem to be the only knitting blogger without one(real or otherwise) some atcs and a rubber stamp. I am very lucky.
On the knitting front I have made a multidirectional scarf with some multicoloured chenille.  I haven’t any good pictures yet and will try again tomorrow. I washed it to block it, that may have been wrong, it is quite a bit narrower but it is still damp.

Is there such a thing as a tweed sock yarn? I am in no hurry for it but desire some.
Knitting Olympics–I was thinking about my cast on numbers and realized I had made a mistake, sometimes it is good to wait a few days after playing with the numbers before taking the next step.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWe have had 29out of
31 days of rain for a grand total of 283mm! Two weather records broken. Thank goodness this amarylis was in bloom. It is Vera and it sure brightened up the grey days.

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My circular needle case wasn’t working, so I reworked it again and now I love it, half of it is folded back underneath. I had enough fabric to redo my crochet hook case and I finally put ties on the dpn and regular needlecase.

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I was so excited about learning how to upload pictures, that I got this one twice!! I had meant to show the backs of the bags.They are birthday presents. They are all silk brocade, there is a pocket and two different fabrics on the back as well.

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I swear I have a different photo I tried to use, I don’t dare try again. Even I don’t want to see it a fourth time.(lol)
It has been good to get some projects completed.