Back shady patio.

We have been living at this location for a few years and the gardens have not felt right. So we hired a gardener to do the heavy lifting. The heart balloon appeared one day, I thought someone loved what we had done, but no it just blew in and I confess, it made me happy.

In Feb,the gardener  came and did half of the garden and I thought that I would leave the rest until I thought it all out. Nothing like half of a plan. I really liked the big blue pot and then of course, the rest of the plan came together. More river rock and a few more pots, some artificial turf and it will seem perfect to my eyes.We have slowly added more plants, polished the glass baubles.  I need one art piece to hang on the wall near the kitchen window, I was thinking metal or wood, now I am considering making a floor cloth and hanging it up. Just have to think up the design.

So last Sunday, the artificial turf was put down.  Thanks to my son and his wife, my grandson  tested out the toys on the new surface, who worked on that. I added a new tablecloth, place mats and glasses.  I love the new look. It is shady in the daytime, and sunny at supper, but now we even enjoy sitting inside having dinner looking out into a new improved space.I suppose it will take another year till I figure out the front sunny hot patio.



Flowering trees.

Signs of spring. This magnolia can be seen from the bedroom window and from the breakfast nook downstairs as well. At last, I have given up on wearing my ski coat, the temperature has been in the double digits (C) for the past week. I don’t want to put in my plants too early, I am very cautious before the May 21st weekend but I did buy parsley and rosemary to go with my chives that are growing well.
Project Spectrum has suggested a picture facing north. So that is my Northern view.

Garden in bloom

The garden does have it’s bright spots. Love this iris, don’t know why I don’t remember it from last year but it is a wonderful addition to the garden.
The peonies are a real blast of colour, I have three bushes and this is a shot of two of them, I like how different the flowers can be on a single bush.
Although the smoke bush has been prunned this year, it is getting massive and put on quite the display.
I need to plan a few herbs this morning, I was really ticked off with a crow that was attempting to eat the basil. I might have to put some sort of cage over it until it really gets rooted.

Rain makes flowers grow.

Rain might make flowers grow, but now it is starting to destroy the petals. This is the fourth day of rain, annd weather that makes you think of April. Really the sunshine might get me in the mood to start sewing a summer wardrobe but in the meantime, I’ll be wearing my jeans and a sweater and I’ll turn up the thermostat.
The poppy situation is getting out of control, I think I had 60 blooms at last count. The iris is called Bayberry Candle. Click on the photos for closeups.

the start of the flowers

The flowers are just beginning to appear, a couple of weeks from now I expect more than one hundred of the grape hyacinths, I love the lime green in the white flower below and I have forgotten it’s name. Many years ago I grew Primula’s from seed. I ended up with massive plants, a couple of feet across. I have white ones as well but they get so battered in the rain.

The hellebore I have had for ages and there used to be a whitish one that came up in this same clump but not yet this year. I saw a group of about 10 white ones at the entrance to a park.
Further down the mountain side, the pansies, crocus, and daffs are making an appearance.
These photos have been cropped, there are no other flowers around.

Spring tidy up.

It’s 5 degrees, rainy and threatening snow. He has 10 hours of work in front of him. The garden already looks better.

Today, I am going to tackle some drapery panals, which I bought at Fabricland yesterday. They are meant to gather on rods but I have a house with valences in the living room and dining room. I am going to attempt to add a hook tape and I think the valence will cover up everything. I’ll have to get the iron primed and ready to go. There is quite a bit of pressing involved.

Two gifts are ready

The baby gift is done, I made the largest size and this will no doubt fit the big sister. The big sister is getting the doll quilt trimmed with her favorite colour pink. I figure that all little children like to play with the little tuffs of wool holding it together. I love the little square button on the sweater, the design echos the moss stitch.

Hollyhocks from next door. It is such a great colour.

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