Garden revamp.( Back Patio)

The other weekend, (a month ago) we attacked the garden again. I had bought a glass ball in Le Conner and strung it up in the trellis with copper tubing.  We moved plants, things were pretty root bound so dug out the offending stuff, added steer manure and moved and watered everything. Maybe they will grow next year. I love the blue glass and while not overly fond of my blue pots, I am sticking with the blue theme and repainting a bell jar lantern, 2 bugs and an elephant blanket.

So a few before and after pictures for you.  I just used my craft metallic paints, gave everything a scrub, got off the biggest hunks of rust and peeling paint. I think I got at least 8 years out of the last paint job. I doubt things will survive that long again.

The elephant was looking a little worse for wear. So I gave a very delicate look to the blanket. The colours on the rest of the elephant are just patina, glad it matches.

Hopefully it will look good next year with the folliage and a sprinkling of pink  and white flowers and leaves.  The magnolia was severely prunned and it exposed a clemantis which bloomed last year which we never saw.  It was way up in the tree in the opposite direction from the house.

Knitting projects.

So this summer, when on the boat, I knitted  or finished up several items. One pair of socks, plain ones for my hubby.On-Line  my usual 8 rib pattern  over 68 stitches.

One wingspan is a gift, not sure who the recipient is yet. But I loved knitting it and I was really pleased with the colour repeat. Regia sock,hand paint effect.

I bought some Noro sock  yarn in LaConner and made an eyelet scarf for summer. Didn’t really care too much to work with it. It was a little too stringy and thick and thin for me, I usually like working with linen and silk, so no sure why it didn’t end up as a big fav.   I wore it on Friday, and the edges curled  and I had just finished blocking it. Maybe it would not have curled with a wider border.  I ripped it out several days later, I’d never wear it again.

There is one more pair of socks on the needles, just plain ones for me with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn. My photo is rather dark but Damselfly has a good photo, she made the same ones.

I actually finiahed them a few days ago and started another pair using Knit Picks Imagination in Sasquatch.

One more project is languishing in the time out basket, it is Oak Leaf Shawlette by Romi Hill.  Sometimes, I think will be the end of me. I am determined to do lace this year, but somehow, I miss count even with a dozen or more markers. I tried it again a few weeks ago. It is malbrigio sock yarn  and when I started socks with it, it just didn’t seem firm enough for me.I like a dense  sock that doesn’t move around on my foot. I  will photograph this when it is complete. Don’t hold your breath.

Summer Wrap up (September Sail trip)

We were out on the boat for 10 days. No rain. Warm days and nights. No wind, hubby would have liked to sail.  The water was like a mill pond.

We try to spend the first and last night of our trip at the marina, why rush when there is no need. The second day we went to Anacortes, and only planned on the one night at the marina but then 2 days sounded so much better. I went to the shops, I bought patterns and a Pletch and Palmer book on fitting pants.  Saturday was the farmer’s market, so we went looking for gluten free food. Didn’t find any baked goodies that fit the bill but did find a scissor and knife sharpening service while you waited. The other goodie was fresh mushrooms and some lovely veg, lemon cucumber and heirloom tomato. THe mushrooms were lion’s mane, shitake and oyster. I couldn’tmake up my mind, but they sold an indecision basket. There was receipes abailable. I learned a lot and my they were good.

Next we went to La Conner via the Sinonmish channel, which is dredged.  We were in the North Marina basin, it wan’t too far to get to town and since we stayed 2 nights, we had another good look around.The next picture is just the shallow water next to the dredged channel before we even went into the channel.

Then it was on to Oak Harbour, which was a little further than we thought it was. Too far to walk into town, but the air force base is there and the “noise is the sound of freedom”. Already, it is starting to get a little cooler in the evening. Mostly we read,  and I also knit.. We were very contented. The next photo is of the Indian reservation across from La Conner, I love the hat shape of these shelters.

Just left the Siniomish channel and saw two wonderul eagle statues next to this house, there is only one  in this photo but I was delighted to see the art work.

Then we went to Port Ludlow, really just a resort and a marina. but it was a lovely location. I can see why the Yarn Harlot has knitting retreats there.

The next day we went to Friday Harbour, just lovely to visit once again. The water was so still that day, ducks and birds just floating along, seals and lots of porpoises jumping. The next day we went to Sucia island again.  So much nicer when the weather is good. It was getting dark so hubby took this of Mt. Baker, it reminds me of a painting.

Hubby managed to sail for 3 hours on the last day.