Home from vacation

This post has been challenging to write. I had several  posts written about my vacation, just awaiting photos to be added when I finally had a good internet connection. It is a major pain working on a new laptop, when I am used to my keyboard.  I just like sitting at my desk.

I am going to attempt some photo mosaics of my trip. So hopefully, fields of crops, windmills, lakes and rivers, and  Some funky stuff will appear someday.

I have also been fighting a cold and dizzy spells but feel better today.

I managed to make 2 blouses for me, knits,  1 bathing suit( I felt too ill to actually go in a pool at the hotels coming home) and I have also started both the skirt and the pants.  I finally put thread in the machine this week, so just tidying up a few ends.

While we were away, my mother passed away just 2 days shy of her 94th birthday. She was in a coma, when I made it home, she was bright and talkative the day before her stroke. I had sent the blouse I had made her while we were away. She liked the colour and fabric.

So while I am home from vacation, I am still adjusting to a home life without my mom.