Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI thought that I’d better repost as I had done some thing wrong. I am not a very even knitter in stocking stitch, I probably should have used different sized needles but I like the effect of what I have done.

flowers and yarn

Spring is definitely here. This is Pink Perfection clematis, we really chopped it back this year but it is doing well.

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The wisteria in the back corner over the stawberry bed is putting on a big show.

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The maroon iris came out today, I guess they are enjoying the rain.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingA look at the arbour trellis area.

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[IMG][/IMG] I accidently got rid of the tag, so you will have to click on the code to see how far I got so far with a summer top. I think that there was an error in the pattern and I am working on the back first.
I haven’t decided on my elann order yet, I am thinking about the add on set for the denise needles. The sock yarn tempted me but I think one large container of sock yarn is enough.
I did go shopping at Webs on line yesterday, for Cascade 220 and Silky Wool. I was going to wait until I went to the store this summer but that is no longer in vacation plans, so I shopped from home instead.


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThese two atcs were made recently trying different techniques.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTwo of four atcs that I got for Mother’s day from S#1. He did the photography and  knew how he wanted the cards to look. His sweetheart did the computer artwork for him. These are 2 of the Vancouver Boat series.


I have submitted 2 dolls for a gallery show in July. The theme is “We FELT like it and other things”. All the dolls are to have some felt or felting technique included in the process.
This  one is not a true felt, she is silk fusion and was fun to make.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The second doll is based on a spring garden and is called ” I don’t want to be a wallflower”
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 I took a class last week, and I hope to have  her ready to post by next week. I am suppposed to take her and show her off at a party. All of us who took the class will be scrambling to get that done.

art filled week

This week each day had an arty component. Monday was dyeing sock yarn. Tuesday and Wednesday was spent making a mannequin for Thursday and Friday’s class in Creative costuming. Saturday was shop till you drop, showing our teacher the neat Vancouver places to shop. Today, I got ATC’s from my oldest son. Tomorrow, I have to put all my stuff away.
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I am experimenting with photo size. I must make notes. 75% of original is best.
The above sock yarn I did with ladyknits.  It was a long dyeing sessions but we had a lot of fun. I was trying 2 new dyes which were red and blue, as well as the original magenta and cyan. I also experimented with using brown and black. You don’t need much of them to make a difference.
The top photo the yarn is called “Distant Mountains” and that is the yarn I experimented with black added.
The small photo, my doll friends named it “Coral Reef”.
The third photo, the yarn is still unnamed. I put brown in all colours and I just love it.
The fourth photo, I have named ” Prairie Sunset”.  A little brown and extra water.
That’s all for today. Law and Order Criminal Intent is calling.

On a Roll

I have been busy working on several different projects. Everything is due this week!
I finished the Aidan vest for a baby expected to be born any day now. It is the same as the other two I did, same colours, different size and buttons. You’d think the 3rd time would be a charm but I seemed to have a problem with every section.

It is dye day tomorrow, I am all ready. I bought two different colours to play with another blue and red.  I will think about some colour schemes today to do my 4 balls of sock yarn.

A new doll is due to be finished for an exhibit on Wed., it is not in a show until July but there is a lot of lead time for this one. I still have the face and hair, (I might have to attempt to dye roving), some machine embroidery and sequins on her skirt, and a fancy collar. She is for the felt challenge.

The other doll is white, 22 inches, and a mannequin for a doll class starting on Thursday. It is 2 days and I can’t wait, Adele is leading the group of us. I am taking my large suitcase with wheels to transport my stuff. Right now this doll is not put together. She is stuffed really firmly and my  shoulders and wrists  paid a price. Thank goodness for ice packs!

The rain is pouring down, not a good day for photos but I will get some up later.