On the boat

The first night on the boat in Clam Bay in the Gulf Islands.

I loved these rusted sculptures in the garden at the marina in Genoa Bay on Vancouver Island. I’d love one of these in my own garden. Some wild life on the rocks in one of the channels.

A poor colour rendering of my bag of many pockets from Felt Frenzy, I used Patons Classic Merino, 2 strands throughout, the green is jade heather and I can’t find the label for the tweed. Edit: it is Rich red tweed. I have attempted a matching wallet and now they need to go into the washing machine.
Entering the Pass, pretty calm and out the other side of the pass, with West Vancouver just under the dark section of cloud with the UBC bluff. You’ll have to zoom in to see it! The water was so calm, a big giant could skip a stone to Vancouver.
I have gone through here before, praying for it to soon be over as the boat rocked to and fro as it hit eddys and the ocean swell. But this time, I actually sat in the cockpit and knit!

Boating but no sailing

Nothing like taking a sailing vacation and having the weather do the unexpected. We were gone 8 days and had the sails up for 45 minutes. Most of the time no wind and the time the sails were up, it was blowing pretty good with whitecaps on the water pushing us from behind. I, of course, am not much of a sailor, so I enjoyed the motoring.
The first five days the weather was hot, and we stayed in Clam Bay, Ganges and Sidney. I had lots of knitting time and the only hobby things I took this trip was my knitting.
We spent one night in Genoa Bay, neat spot and we hadn’t been there before and it was good shelter from the wind.
The last 2 night were spent at Telegraph Harbour. We stayed an extra night because of small craft warning and the barometer was really dropping. That afternoon, 4 hours of rain. We were content in our boat, knitting, reading and surfing, we had good internet access. Got to love wireless internet. So I spent my time looking at ravelry and reading my favorite blogs.
The next day, the pass had slack water at 2pm, we left the moorage at noon, the sea was as smooth as glass all the way to Vancouver and we were home by 7:30.
Pictures next time.

Books for vacation

I’ve found some new to me books at the library. This one has a couple of purses that I am interested in making. The two colour purse on the cover is first up and I’ve purchased some wool and will be knitting while I am away on the boat. It’s called the Bag of Many Pockets.
The second book is Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron. Sized for adults, medium and large.
The third book is Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal. I think I’ll be looking at that one mostly for eye candy.

Beads, Knit and Playday

This is the latest necklace, that I have added to my collection. It is called the Button Collection and is by Connie Wright from Bowen Island. I love wearing it. Each little bead or button is a real treasure. She also knits incredible sweaters.

The two hats are for the homeless, the dark wool was given to me to use, but the first hat is more child sized, so I added some sock wool which picked up the colours in the dark yarn. The pattern is from the Purl Experience by Sally Melville. The pattern is Canadian-Winter Hat.The dark yarn is Windsor Tweeds from Tahki, and the second hat I added Indigo sock yarn. Project Spectrum 3 is now in the water element and the colours are blue, black and purple.

Two weeks ago, I got together with 3 friends to play. We made some creative embellishments from the book by Sherrill Kahn. So we stamped on fabric, wrapped pipe cleaners, made some UTEE beads, wrapped some fabric beads with yarns and made an embellishment using page protectors. I haven’t photographed the small stamped doll or the air dry clay buttons that we had rubber stamped as well. Click to see close up of the beads and pipe cleaner. So far this group is too much of the same value of colour, so still thinking of the next move. I will be combing these bits into a journal.

Mainsail recycled

I was thrilled to read in the Vancouver Sun about a local company, which is using recycled sails to create their product line. Today, I took in the old mainsail, it has been taking up a fair bit of space under the deck, to Red Flag design. I got to see the new warehouse space, finished products and the 8 industrial machine they use to create various bag design and duffle bags from used sails. I was very impressed.