Can you see her?

Your fairy is called Fire Rainbowdancer
She is a fortune bringer.
She lives where fireflies mate and breed.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.
Her dresses glow with fiery colours. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.
Get your free fairy name here!

I can in my mind’s eye. I have the perfect fabric, packed up off site, it has all the rainbow colours, a lovely batik with round spots in gentle curves through out the pattern and the fabric is a dobby style with little texture bits throughout. The wings, I’d love to use the watermelon textiva. a couple of layers together will make it look less pink. I’ll have to experiment a bit.

Fairy shoes and striped socks.

I was excited last week to see my friend Robin’s work in the gallery at Treenway silk. Her art dolls are beautiful and the fairy shoes are amazing. She hand dyes her fabrics and makes silk fusion for the shoes.
Finally, my husband’s socks are finished, I used the Regia from Webs and I really like how they knitted up.

Dolls for the exhibit.

It has been quite the week of doll making, but I have accomplished my goals. My doll was nearly all hand sewn and as a result my right index finger is sore and tender. My hands feel pretty beat up today, I’ve had the spray paint out to paint the stand and rubber or contact cement stuff (really horribly stinky glue) is stuck to all of my fingers. So my hands have been going thru soap, paint remover and hand lotion and I hope my nails look better tomorrow.

I am quite pleased with my Venetian Peacock. I have been thinking of her for quite a few months but had trouble with the armature and then of course, I couldn’t turn the fingers worth a darn. The fabrics, I have collected over the last few years. I had fun using the fringe on the fabric.

My Fish Goddess series, is the most abstract I have done. It represents my feelings about the fishing industry and the problems of overfishing.
The artifact, was a yellow chamois and it was stanined with walnut ink and laced together with leather cord. The symbols on her are all ancient symbols for fish, water, rain and regeneration. The primitive doll with the net, and shell beads uses a watery cotton fabric. The doll with the polymer face is made with silk fusion and decorated with machine stitchery to look like waves and has beads to represent the rain.

Tuesday night is the opening reception.

You’re Invited

The Coast Character Doll Artists are having an exhibit at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. Click on the photos for details of times and dates. I still have a bit of work to do on my last doll. She is based on the colours of a peacock and my other 3 dolls are abstract about the fishing industry. I will have my photos of the doll group showing on a video screen and I still have the book cover for the artist statements and cv’s to finish.

On the 11th, I can then think about my other commitments, june capsule contest, coat sewalong and a course on line on creative mixed media journalling techniques.

I ‘ve joined a few things.

I have decided to join a few things, all starting next month.
The great Coat Sewalong with Marji, and my coat pattern is B4665. I should be able to get a coat sewn in the length of time suggested.
Now is the time for gathering materials, I have the fabric and lining, still need to get fabric to make a muslin.
I have a couple of coats hanging on the rack not finished after a couple of years. I hated the fit on one, the fabric I had one in a draw, mut be six or more years ago now. It was a raincoat and I still think it could be restyled into something else.
The other one was a Vogue coat, in a faux sherpa, probably too hot for this climate even on the coldest of days. The darn thing sheds like a *******, and eveything needs the vacuum run over it, before and after sewing.

The June Capsule wardrobe contest on Stitchers Guild and that requires 4 items that co-ordinate plus an accessory and the only rule is no black.

I just haven’t had too much time to get out fabric and plan. I still need to concentrate on doll making, getting the artist statement and cv together. I ‘ve been having a few problems, glue shows on the polymer clay, can’t seem to make fingers in cloth, the book cover for the artists isn’t doing what I’d envisioned.

Paper Collage Dancers

These are the little dancers, I worked on last weekend. Not my usual colours. That was all predetermined by picking a number out of a hat, and going to my assigned work table. I quite enjoyed this little project.

BTW, this is post 100.

Birthday Collage Dancer

Here is a little dancer, I made after my workshop on Saturday. She is paper with collaged maps, music , wrapping paper and words. I used my little P-touch Brother labeller for some of the words. She was given to a relative having her 80th birthday.

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