1950’s fashion show

I attended a Fashion show on sunday with a few friends. It was great fun looking at 1950’s fashion, wonderful suits with great little details, evening gowns and even a couple of everyday outfits.
Ivan Sayer’s shared his collection of vintage and it was great to hear the history of each article but also how fashion has changed. There was a couple of outfits from Doir, and one from the House of Worth.
Afterwards we went to Alpaca Expressions, fabulous coats up to $1000, very light, very warm and great style. Lots of clothing in the store with natural fibres.

A series of Ivan’s collection is on this site.

Socks and Yarn

My socks are done, my 17th pair in total. The weird tube thing worked out. I did both heels after the long tube was finished and then cut the tube in the centre and added on the toes. One thing I am not sure about with this method is that there are a lot of ends to work in, which is not my favorite way to make socks. It was an experiment, which I thought might work out well in making socks for children. I have a lot of partial balls of sock yarn. I worked these on my Addis and I love working with them, my tension is tighter and I’ll have to swatch next time. I read about someone, maybe on Knitting Daily, that just knits a long tube with her favorite needles and adds little tags, to the never ending swatch tube, with the number of rows and stitches to the inch and the size of needles used. Sort of a visual journal, a unique keepsake!

The new yarn is a late Christmas present, I feel like I have been waiting so long! It took a month to get to my house. I got a gift of the Skein of the Month from Webs. So this is the first of 12 deliveries. It is super soft, 70% wool and 30% silk, my favorite fibres. I don’t usually work in this colourway, which is spectacular, lots of shades of red, pink and orange. It certainly fits with Project Spectrum 3 and the theme of fire. There was also a new scarf pattern and a tape measure included. Click on the photo for a good close look.

video treadmill

I found a great video on U-handbag,
It features a dance routine on treadmills, very clever and as I am sometimes, a bit unsteady on escalators, I am in awe.

I can’t find the video on You tube and if I did I still couldn’t figure out the link.

Paper Collage Dancers

These are the little dancers, I worked on last weekend. Not my usual colours. That was all predetermined by picking a number out of a hat, and going to my assigned work table. I quite enjoyed this little project.

BTW, this is post 100.

Birthday Collage Dancer

Here is a little dancer, I made after my workshop on Saturday. She is paper with collaged maps, music , wrapping paper and words. I used my little P-touch Brother labeller for some of the words. She was given to a relative having her 80th birthday.

sock experiment

The tube part of the socks is done. There is a cuff at each end and I have started the first of the afterthought heels. It was a little awkward to pick up the right stitches but after a few dropped stitches I finally was on the right track. I am a little further along than the photo but not much. I am at the stage now where I hope I have enough yarn for the heels. The toes I haven’t cut apart yet but I think I will be looking for some yarn to finish them off. The experiment continues.

Today, I was in a class making collaged paper dolls, I am doing three and will post pictures on my next post.

Not much

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, I’ve been having a good time.

The tube sock continues and I have about 5 inches until I finish the second sock. I have my little scale on the table next to me, I have been weighing the ball of wool and I still seem to have lots of sock yarn left. I’ll post a photo when I have the tube complete, I am a little nervous about the heels but I’m also looking forward to the challenge.

I was thinking of using up my left over sock yarns making socks for children. I figure I could give them all away and if I knit them as a tube it will give me lots of options. Lots of knitting without having to pay too much attention.

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