On Saturday, I went to Penticton to see the felt-feutre canada conference exhibits.If you go to the site photos from the fashion show  are up to view.

It was a perfect day in Penticton and the exhibit was wonderful. wall hangings, clothing,  dresses and hats, vests and jackets, some purses as well. Art work for the home, pieces that hung from the ceiling, carpets on the floor, vessels and containers. fish and butterflies anf birds.

All the most wonderful colours. My pictures are not great but I do have a few photos that I will share but I don’t know the artists names. I had taken a class in nuno felting from Rene Corder Evans about 15-20 years ago. I loved this dress with the waist shaping details, the beading and the bust ruffle were great.



I also saw  Fiona Duthie, an artist that I have admired  for years. This is her dress with the hood collar and the other side was lighter in colour like a reverse fabric.





These playful sculptures were great and by Andrea  Graham. I wanted t to buy the programme but I couldn’t find them or anyone to pay for it.



I did  go to the vendors mall and got some wonderful fleece and some dye.

Two Conferences

I am interested in two up coming conferences.

First up, Felt-Feutre Canada, it is in Penticton in the Okanagan, and we will go see a couple of friends and visit the gallery show and maybe the vendors market. I have a desire to do some wet felted containers.

The second conference,  the Association of sewing and design professionals, is in Vancouver and has master class workshops and fashion shows, i would like to take in the gallery show and the vendors market. I have seen Ivan Sayers give a variety of talks, each one different and fun. His personal collection is enormous  and he is very knowledgeable.

Spool Art

Spools of thread, they just seem to multiply in my sewing room and long ago, I gave up on a sewing box to keep them in one place. At one time there were several thread holders along an eight foot window sill. Now I try to keep them in zip locks, in different colour groups. Machine embroidery threads have their own box, as does the buttonhole twist, likewise with the rayon thread. So now the spools are in a fairly good sized rubber maid container and the serger threads are in a couple of drawers in plastic organizer. I came across a blog where the artist, Devorah Sperber, creates using spools of thread to do paintings, imagine over 5000 spools in a piece. I love how they look on the blog and I sure would like to see them in person one day.

Knitting is at a standstill, I haven’t ripped out everything on the new cardigan, but I have done the last few rows way too many times. I am thinking that I don’t want to think about every stitch.

I feel like the last person on earth to see Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia. Oh my I wish I had that kind of energy. There were 14 of us at the 12:40 matinee. The songs have been in my head ever since.

Scarf update , gallery visit.

I have finished the Easy drop scarf.
It still needs to be blocked but it was an enjoyable knit.

Today a friend and I went to the Bushlen Mowatt Gallery to see an exhibit by Cecilia Z. Miguez. It was wonderful called Storybooks and Time Pieces, the bronze figures were beautiful with found metal and wood objects. They ranged in height from a foot to 8 feet tall. We were both so inspired.
Here is a link to the gallery reception. They are mostly people photos but you can see the figures in the background.

I get fabric samples in the mail, once a month. The envelope took 3 weeks to arrive, nothing I really want. If there is anything I want in future mailings, I hope I get it sooner than 3 weeks, I know some people get their envelope within 3 days of them mailing it out.