TV shows and knitting

I am plodding along with this sweater. I have adjusted the pattern to my gauge and love knitting with Briggs and Little Regal, if I screw up and have to take out the needle, the little stitches stand up at attention, so although I just added a few strange ribs to the sweater and it will be fairly short, I am enjoying this knit. I have started the second front and am just starting the third ball of yarn, it has super yardage.
I finished my Madtosh socks and I have taken a few pictures but I don’t like the colour in them so will have to take some more.

As a tv addict, I watch a lot of shows and am always interested in what people are wearing. I have seen some really interesting sweaters on Doc Martin, usually worn by Pauline, Louisa’s are practical. Pauline had a cute crocheted number on Sunday night, green in colour, the red shrug, that was knitted had interesting construction.

A couple of weeks ago on the Mentalist, the widow in the episode had on a sheath dress with a trim of yo-yos asymmetrically around the neck. Not cheesy cotton yo-yos but some fine fabric done with finesse.

I can’t get into watching MadMen but a lot of people are liking the retro look of the clothes.

The hostess on So you think you can Dance Canada, had an interesting dress a couple of weeks back, hard to explain, black folds of net across a nude underlining and a bustier top with black pleats across the cups. If later you watch CSI, the same dress was worn on a lady of the evening.

Shopping with friends.

My friends and I went over to the Trade and Conventions Centre for the Creative Expo and although it wasn’t as big as we had hoped we had a good time. A lot of our old favorite stores were there, I found a couple of new favorites. Valley Yarn Ltd. had a gorgeous collection of yarns and some I hadn’t seen before, so it was nice to have a touch and feel of the fibers. Her business is online but is in the Fraser Valley. The other new to me store is in Port Moody, SS Studio, lots of selection of beads , findings. I was interested in the copper findings, sometimes I like a bit of a funky look in my jewelry and gold or silver doesn’t seem to work quite right.

Regarding my last post, Style Statement, I am slowly answering the questions and eventually I’ll analize my answers and compare them to a list of words in the book, to see what I come up withI also had no idea a person could be described with 2 words. I thought at least a paragraph, a poem or a song might be needed. LOL

I have been knitting with my madtosh yarn, just a pair of socks with one completed, I am varying my pattern a bit to make a pair I going to call sisters. It is really a very simple eyelet pattern. I’d like to get the heel completed on the second sock before I do a picture.

DIY and Self help books

I have been busy clearing up bookcases, 5 are technically in my spaces of the house. It is very rare that I buy a fiction book and probably 90 % of my books fall into the do it your self, or are related to various crafts and whatever interests I have at the time. So naturally, I have lots to do with sewing, knitting, jewelery making, stitching and mixed media, book binding and paper crafts. There was also a fairly large section on gardening, house design and decoration.
My magazines reflect the same passions, although I have culled down my purchasing of magazines to Threads, Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors. I tend to only buy other magazines for a specific purpose or article. The first three I buy without even looking inside!

Around 30 years ago, a very popular book was “I’m OK, Your OK” and since then the books on discovering your bliss, the inner artist, the keys to good health, colouring your self beautiful, have all played apart in my reading. I particularly like books with lots of pictures, questions and approaches to the problem. I don’t often get through all of the questions and then again I very seldom used the exercises, and the list of techniques.

So the latest book to cross my path is Style Statement, Live by your own design. This was mentioned on line in one of my sewing groups. Once again an interesting group of questions. I have typed them out and am starting to answer them. In this book, you are to come up with 2 words which describe you. I wonder what words are mine.