Toiletries bags

For years I have made do with my toiletries case. A few yaars ago I replaced one with the best I could find but I hated the colour brown with a turquoise interior. It seemed to be fairly shoddily made with a dreaded velcro closing with only got caught on my clothes! That was soon removed.
A couple of years ago, in Hancocks fabrics I found the cotton print called chains and roses in orange, I loved it and then found a wild laminated print as well. I only had one toiletries kit in mind so just bought a third of a yard. A year later, I bought the Kwik Sew 3748 pattern and there it sat. I started with 3 of the orange zippers and in the end used 5. I debated with myself for a while on whether to make the pockets in clear vinyl, white net of blue and in the end chose the blue. I bought a couple of yards of the green knit binding. The first time putting it on was dreadful. So I took that off and started again and hand basted it first.
I used it on the trip to Toronto erlier this month. Most of my things fit in properly, and it fit better in my suitcase as well. Since another trip is starting this weekend, I made up a couple of box bags, I had to find some batik to line the cloth bag and vinyl one is vinyl inside as well. I put tissue over and under the seam as I sewed it.
Now, my toiletries bags will shout ” vacation”  when ever I open my suitcase. I kind of like that idea.IMG_1038



Well, either I am obsessed or addicted to reality tv shows. Not day to day living but the competions. Food is a biggie, with Chopped, Master chef, Top chef etc. I used to faithfully watch Project Runway and Next top model but those I have left behind. Just too much drama and everything seems so contrived.
But I have found something new, along with a lot of others in the sewing community, and soon became addicted to Great British Sewing Bee. Only 4 episodes, no drama with the contestants , but just sewers who delight in sewing. You have to catch it on you tube and the challenges each week, I certainly would not want to face. I have been following one of the contestants for several years on the Stitcher’s Guild, she gives wonderful advice and is an inspiration to everyone. Here is the first episode.
Not to be forgotten, there is an online challenge for knitters, from Skacel yarns. It looks promising and the first challenge is underway and due after 2 weeks. Here is a link to the Fiber Factor.

Somethings are good

I was quite pleased with my latest top. Simplicity 2283. Fabric was from Fabricana, it is poly and was part of my birthday gift. This was a new pattern and I just decided to go with a size 16 straight out of the package. I basted all the pleats in place and it took me a couple of tries to get the yokes on the front attached. I did the hems by hand.
So hubby took pictures outside. I like the front view.IMG_1010

**** crap, what is going on with the back of those pants?!


It didn’t matter how I stood. I did do a flat derriere adjustment and thought I’d made an improvement. Have they bagged out? It is a poly, rayon, lycra and the pattern is Simplicity 2860.  My second pair is much better, but no I don’t have a back view picture yet,  they are in the wash. I will get one done tomorrow.
So last night I unpicked some of the waistband on the sides and the back crotch seam. So I will be making adjustments.