Do you colour or sew for meditation?

I don’t think I was aware of the new craze of colouring for adults until a friend received a colouring book and pencils for her birthday. Since then I have seen the books everywhere in the magazine and or book stores. I have now seen them at airports, in Vancouver, London and Istanbul. I didn’t know it had gone global. It is just not one or two mags but about a dozen available on a dozen topics and complexity. I was never a fan of colouring as a child, just could not stay in the lines, I blame a wandering eye.

It is meant to be a way of unwinding, meditation and or an outlet for creativity. A whole book was too intimidating but a small postcard book, in a Turkey museum , peaked my interest. I did one small design when I was on a boat for a week. Can’t imagine I will do another until I am on another trip.

I unwind with my sewing, cross stitich and other handicrafts. Come to think of it, that is my creative and meditative outlet as well.

Amazon has 44 offerings. Here are some samples.