Finally, we got to see the Cossacks, and we were driven to a small performance area to view their horsemanship skills. We were close to all the action and taking a picture of a horse and rider, less than a hundred feet away leads to blurry pictures. There was also a demonstration of their bull whip skills. It was great fun to see.

After this we were given a plate of meat pilaf, and a small glass of vodka. Then on to the souviniers again.

The museum  was also great, and I especially enjoyed all the textiles and armour. It was wonderful to see all the handwork and original sources and inspiration, instead of depending  on drawings in books. It was hard to shoot the photos with all the glass and lights.

The largest lock on the river  was here, with a vertical rise of 126 feet.  It was quite incredible.

Merry Christmas

I hope that all of my friends and readers have a very Merry Christmas.

I hope to get some blogging done this week, update for the year  and so on.