School homework.

We got a visitor in the mail last week, a flat person has arrived. We haven’t been involved with a school project for many years. School children around the world send off representations of themselves to friends and family. Here is a link to the original Flat Stanley, watch the video.

So far we have been on a bus, and a ferry. We had a French toast brunch.
We still have a couple of adventures planned before he is sent home.
With a model boat in the restaurant.

An early spring

Last night at 5:30 pm it was actually warm enough to barbeque in shirt sleeves. It had been a lovely day. Today it was not quite as warm and I was inspired to photograph some of the greenery. There is still plenty of winter left to have a cold snap.

This is outside the townhouse.

The next couple are from the library.

I loved these berries as a kid and they always remind me of my childhood.

This was a day of blurry shots. Too close, out of focus but in one picture I found this. I liked the mixture of leaves but there is also a flower.


I bought my Olympic red mittens today, I am so excited, the torch is going by my friends house, I am already thinking, that I’ll make a pot of soup as well to feed all her visitors!

In the meantime, I had my nails done, I went a little wild but really had fun this time. Ocean Love Potion from Sephora by OPI on my toes, that was a Christmas gift. For my fingers, I chose an older OPI from the Canadian Winter collection of a few years ago, At your Quebec and Call.

This picture with my toes peeking out of some fabric, (you don’t need to see the whole foot) it is meant to be a blouse but honestly this fabric is so soft, stretchy and light it may end up a wadder. (straight into the garbage) The fabric  has quite the influence on my colour choices.

Olympic countdown

It is now less than 30 days till the start of the Olympics. So the city is putting up banners, and getting ready. I don’t normally go over to Vancouver, so I haven’t been inconvenienced yet by road closures, closed parking lots and detours. If I go over town, I’ll be taking a sea bus and walking around  the downtown core.

There has been a great increase in the amount of merchandise, so has been out for at least a year but now besides clothing and mugs and glasses, now comes out all the pins, notepads, backpacks, shopping bags, slippers, more varieties and colours of knitted scarves and hats.

I confess I have tried on a couple of hats, the toque and a hat with ear flaps. One size fits all except for the fat heads, so they don’t fit me. I never did see the red mittens in my size.  I don’t know if the torch is going to be on the north shore, I’d love to go and see it while wearing something special. We did see the torch when the Olympics were in Calgary.

Cypress Mt is now shut until the Olmpics, now if we could get some colder weather instead of rain.   Still there is a lot of time for a dump of snow on the mountains and hopefully we don’t get any snow at the lower levels.


After taking three weeks of waiting this flower first started to grow. It came out between Christmas and New Years and has just finished flowering. I have cut off the stalk and was pleasantly surprised another shoot is starting to appear. The stem was always pale.  This wasn’t a particularly expensive  bulb but next year I’ll spend more to get a better bulb, I wasn’t sure what would grow in this location.

I do like growing one every winter.

A scarf askew

I made a scarf in the fall for my oldest son and wife, it’s suitable for both of them.  A made A scarf askew again, I actually even used the same wool as last time.  I never did measure the scarf but I do like the results. The weather was so dull in December when I took the picture,  the scarf draped over chairs isn’t the greatest but it was out of the rain.  The yarn was symphonie plassard the colournumber 32, dark burgundy and blue.

Thoughts on awareness

Those were interesting responses to awareness. I have always liked the details on just about everything. I hope there is some impact in my art and in my photographs.

For me and  awareness, I was aiming for something else. Mostly, awareness of what I am eating, instead of just wolfing food down not paying attention to calories, my digestive track(which rebels),  or even whether or not I am even hungry.  I’d like to aware of my waist again, it has been mostly ignored. Some how my waist has always needed a larger size than anything else but it would be good to lose a few inches. Hopefully my cholesterol will continue to go down.

I had not considered mind/body awareness until I was at physio on Sat morning. I was telling my physiotherapist that slight uneven surfaces really cause sharp twinges in my ankle. I am Ok, if I see the surfaces ahead of time, but if I am carrying something and miss the change between carpet and tile, yikes.  So to change my awareness, without a visual cue, when I am walking will be my new challenge.  So more strengthening exercises but with my eyes closed to help get the new connection between my brain and my feet working a little better.

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