The learning curve.

It has been many years since I started school but September always gives me a little buzz. I like the new start and I am ready to learn new things.

This morning there was just over 300 people ahead of me on the invite list to Ravelry. I haven’t photographed my stash but I think there are quite a few pictures I have taken since I got a digital camera and I should find plenty to upload.

I need to sit here a bit longer and get 200 pictures saved to disc and taken in and get printed, the cost is only 15 cents a picture now and it sure would save a lot of time to just get them done then to sit at the computer and do it. It would save a lot of ink as well.

I bought my first ‘zine. I have a year subscription to Fibre and Stitch, and there is also a yahoo group for subscribers. This is going to be so much fun and I was very impressed with the first magazine. I started experimenting with lutrador(polyester web), silk dyes, machine stitchery and puff paint. I was a bit impatient with the puff paint, flattened it a bit so then needed some ink on it. Needs more work yet. I am thinking of putting my experiments into a book for reference.

Two gifts are ready

The baby gift is done, I made the largest size and this will no doubt fit the big sister. The big sister is getting the doll quilt trimmed with her favorite colour pink. I figure that all little children like to play with the little tuffs of wool holding it together. I love the little square button on the sweater, the design echos the moss stitch.

Hollyhocks from next door. It is such a great colour.

Another Book

Quite awhile ago I read the Mermaid’s chair and at the time I was planning another doll, I had visions of my mermaid chair as floating in the water. I still haven’t figured out how to do this in reality but my vision is still exciting to me. Lately, I saw the movie
on tv, it was staring Kim Bassinger and a great deal of it was filmed in B.C., although I have to confess I don’t know where the beach was located.
Maggie, mentioned on her blog that The Time Traveller’s Wife, a favorite. It is a favorite of mine as well, I understand it is being made into a movie staring Eric Bana.

Loss of a dollmaker

One of my doll making mentors has passed away. Susanna Oroyan, was only 65 but had had cancer for the last few years. Her books of which I have four, opened up the world of doll making to me. It is hard to pick my favorite book. Anatomy of a Doll, had such a different approach and a gallery of dolls I had never seen or imagined. Glancing through the pages today, reminds me I have forgotten a lot of different things I could be doing to improve my dolls.

The muse has returned

Although I have a lot of projects in the works, a lot of the time it feels like I am just getting nowhere. Usually a bunch get finished around the same time. The number of projects never decreases, because I start something new before finishing that last little bit.

This time on the boat, I packed my largest suitcase just to manage my crafts and reading materials. I read the Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan, just loved it. I had a good selection of my favorite magazines, bought new ones while away and I bought a book, read everything from cover to cover. I don’t do my crafts when the boat is underway, so it is only when tied up that I accomplish anything. I have a lot of time to mull over and ponder my crafts with no distractions of a house to clean or a garden which desparately needs work. No phone and no computer.

I took 3 knitting projects and only worked on one. I took altered art supplies and made 2 ATC’s, and a couple of journal pages. I took a case with hand embroidery, I didn’t do that but worked on some needlecanvas, it has been a few years since I did any and I found myself getting excited about it again.

So when I found silk experiment kits, foil, puff paint, tyvek fabric and lutrador. I had ideas for dolls. I need to experiment now and see how my materials evolve.

In the meantime, I blocked the baby sweater——oh my goodness the fronts are different sizes, I was quite shocked. Not a big problem, just have to get at it and finish it.

Boating adventures.

We have just come back home after 8 days on the boat. We visited some of the old haunts from years ago, Montague Harbour on Galiano, Ganges on Saltspring Island and Sidney. In Sidney we visited with family, with friends and shopping. I found a big garden pot, my dh carried it down to the boat and it resided in the V berth until we were home.

This is going to be used for my fountain, I’d better get it up and running fairly soon or summer will be over.

Ganges was wonderful, a workout on my visa card. I found a hat, that shelters my eyes and my head doesn’t get too hot. Just a knitted bucket hat, of wool and hemp made with love in China. I found a quilting store, fabric, then discovered the wool and then a few fabrics used in altered textiles that one burns for an unique effect, puff paint and foils. Great fun. I also got a experiment kit from Stef Francis. Ohh, it was a good day. I’ll take more pictures tomorrow.

At low tide, I could see starfish on the pylons under the dock. Two were trapped in the rotted out section of the dock support.

Toronto and Back

I managed to get some sewing done for my trip. Simplicity 4189 for a rayon/linen skirt which I loved and it was so comfortable in the heat. Simplicity 6515 for a crinkle batik with a linen trim facing which I sewed on the outside of the garment. It was cool to wear as well but the fit is not great and I need to take it in a bit.
DH and I were visiting our son and Heather of Friends Knit Together. They all worked on getting a spinning wheel working, the two men had a look at the wheels in the basement of Rommi, while Heather and I picked up a couple of balls of yarn. Then H & I hit the fabric stores on Queen Street, we both bought goodies, I got three great knits. The men waited in the the pub, this is starting to be a tradition with our Toronto routine.

I had a good time at the ROM and the textile museum with DS, showing me around TO. I was glad the subway was cool as I am not used to the heat and humidity.
Heather and I had some hands on sewing lessons and got her skirt finished, new fabric and patterns bought. I added post it notes with I hope helpful hints for the next projects.

It was a good visit, we saw relatives, ate out, ate in, knit a lot on the plane and just got caught up with the latest happenings in our lives.
I worked on the front of this jacket, I am thinking I’ll have to redo the front yokes. I guess I should have alternated yarn from two balls at once on the sleeve.
The two knits below were bought before the Toronto trip, still not made up. I have ideas for everything.