Butterick 6085

I love wearing cotton blouses in the summer and I wanted a better fit this year. So I selected Butterick 6085, short sleeves, button front, simple collar and shirt tails. I adjusted for a full bust and left out the vertical darts.





Really did a horrible match except down the front, recycled old buttons. I have two shoe boxes full of buttons, so lots of variety but still I have my favorites and some of my shirt buttons have seen many blouses. I bought my plaid from Fabricland, loved it because it went with all my new pants. I love wearing it, but the sleeves are a little tight.

The second blouse I added a couple of slashes to my sleeve pattern. The dotty cotton in the same colours as the plaid, so really 2 blouses, with 3 pants in dark blue, lighter blue and green.  So 5 pieces i my six pack.



These blouses have quickly become my favorites. I am destined to make more of these. I have been addicted to the summer fabrics , seersucker, lawn  and cottons. m

Six piece Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

This is a little more detail on the six new pieces for my wardrobe. It is not cohesive by itself  but will be a great set of add ons to an existing wardrobe.

I like having a lot of co-ordinates to choose from when I go on a trip and I like it even more if most of the pieces can do double duty. These are the pieces that I cut out before my trip in September  and it was sewn up while staying with friends and in hotel rooms.

The Bathing Suit, Divine Drape, #1344, with fabric from Lucy’s fabrics a few years ago. It was my first internet purchase and I got two yards.  So I have a good piece left over but have no plans to use the rest of it yet. It has been a number of years since I have made a suit and this a first for this pattern, I added an inch in length. I swear I had to rip out every seam before I got it right. I made the bottom a bit smaller for the flat bum and I should have added extra for a full bust. It would be a little better with a bit more coverage on the sides of the bodice. The cowl neck piece takes quite a bit extra yardage. I always travel with a brown line skirt so I wanted a bathing suit that would do double duty as a top.IMG_0036

Jalie Cross over top,#2449,  of 100% poly from Toronto. It is the second time with this pattern,  The top gapes when I sit, I must slouch or collapse or something. So I took out 1/2 in above the bust line. It was better than the first top I made. So after wearing the top a couple of times, I took the front bands off and shortened them by One and one-half inches. It fits better now but I think the back neck also needs to be stabilized. It looks incredibly low cut in this photo but not in real life. IMG_0034

Kwik Sew,#3338, paisley patterned  lace, slightly larger than last time. I but nylon trimed elastic around the neck, fairly comfortable to wear. It is not a knit.  This is from the same store in Toronto.IMG_0030

V8324, V8322, KS T and J Crossover.

The look on my face says it all, lets get these pictures taken, I felt the blog needed photos. First up is my latest blouse, V8324http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/V8324.htm?search=8324&page=1 with sleeves from V8322. http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/V8322.htm?search=8322&page=1
There was a good sale on patterns at Fabricland, so I decided to try Vogue again. I still have problems getting the right size and the neck is still quite large. It was comfortable to wear but it was difficult fabric to sew. It was hard to press. It is a satin backed poly crepe.
This one is a little wild looking but I love wearing it, it is very light, dosen’t crease and made from the basic Kwiksew Tee shirt.
This fabric is a brushed poly knit, very comfortable and is the Jalie Cross over top. I bought this fabric in Toronto. I should probably fix the neck a bit, it is good when I stand but when I sit, it is a little low and gapes a tad.

New clothes

I have been sewing clothes, before I went to Boston, I made a knit T shirt and a knit cross over top. One blouse lately from a couple of Vogue patterns, it worked out OK but not perfect. The skirt I had to junk. PUCKERS. yikes. The fabric was a bear, it had been given to me, sort of a polyester satin backed crepe. No pictures yet.

Then I went shopping, most times I find nothing but this time I was lucky. Jeans that fit, 2 jackets, one black wool and one rust zip jacket in suede fabric. One blouse, rather low neck with a gathered sort of body, I think I may need a black top to wear underneath, it will need long sleeves as well.

When I was in Boston, I found shoes that I liked, they didn’t have my size and I wasn’t sure I wanted to order and wait for them to be mailed. Back home, couldn’t find the shoes or my size. I was told to go on line and a store here would order them for me. I phoned Tallcrest, shoes only over size 10– at least they knew the shoe, said there was some in the East. http://www.clarkscanada.com/product/Detail.aspx?prodId=20857&Level1=F&scroll=0&page=1&Level2=9
Although they said that they would take 5-10 days, they arrived in 2 days. Brown shoes with a heel that I can wear.