In the Beginning

I started blogging in October of 2005. I have had 3 blogs and they are now consolidated into this one so just over 500 posts.

I started following blogs and other sewers many years ago. Back in the day there were Rings. There were sewing rings, embroidery and a lot of others. Blog rolls on the sidebars would lead you to other sites, I discovered like minded crafters  from around the world and learned  a lot from everyone. On Friends of Cloth Doll, I met up with a Canadian in Mexico and  after a move to Montreal, she finally moved to Vancouver. So that was fun meeting her as I admired  her work. I always amazed me how you would be reading a blog from someone knitting a heavy wool sweater to cope with the cold and the next blog would be about the heat in Australia. I always loved all the travel posts.

Then came yahoo groups, more dolls, polymer clay,  ATC  and knitting groups and eventually Ravelry.  I took art lessons from Suzi Blue and took another art course as well from Sue Bleiweiss. I have forgotten a lot of the courses that I took.

The journal cover was made before 2008, using a crumpled brown paper bag.

The doll picture I drew and embellished with crayons, paper , paper tape and encaustsic wax over the top, was inspired by Suzi Blu.

One thing that has changed is photography,  not just because of Instagram and filters and new phone technology. Now people are taking much more care in composition of their photos, no more fancy lace shawls displayed on quilted bedspreads. there was an incredible number of photos of socks being knit. sort of like time lapse but over a few weeks of the sock proudly displayed marching down someone’s foot! I was guilty of these things as well.

My topics haven’t changed, knitting, sewing , plants and gardens, travels and a good challenge still appeals.