Project spectrum update

Just a few days left for the colour red and the direction south.  I did finish 2 pairs of socks. So far I am on track for the year regarding a pair a month. The last pair is the peach, bamboo pair with  Sunday swing pattern.IMG_0134

I tried on the knitted tank—yikes!! I won’t be showing any pictures of that. For awhile I toyed  with the idea that I could wear it under a jacket.  Finally came to my senses and thought I don’t need a bamboo tank to wear under a sweatshirt and undid a section of it and then laid it out against a sweater that fits a whole lot better. As I sit here and type this post, I think ripping it out and the doing a summer shawl might be a better idea.

I knitted a set of three bowls with a lively orange from Araucania nature wool chunky, so far they look like 3 weird hats for dolls.  They still need to be felted.IMG_0132

It was so hard for me to enjoy the colour red to knit or sew with, I did enjoy some tomatoes from the patio.

Finally, I did knit a scarf for my sister, just a simple little number with a few garter stitch rows to break up the monotony of stockinette stitch.IMG_0125I used 3 balls of Berroco Seduce in colour Cinnebar,  4445.

To Dye or Not

The cardinal direction for Project spectrum 4 is  South for July and August, the colour is red.  So I bought some sock yarn which had a red in it and then found I didn’t care for the pink and brown that were also in the mix.The yarn is DG Confetti 100 Stretch 25.02. I was on the boat at the time, so I was determined to continue, even though I had decided that I was not a red person. I liked knitting with the yarn and they went rather quickly. I entertained the thought of over dyeing them with another warmed red, so one day the dyes will come out of the basement storage and I’ll try a couple of lengths of yarn and see what shade of dyes to consider.

IMG_0226The knitted Tank has stalled at the bust increases on the front, I tried a short row increase and didn’t like the holes that I had created, it just wasn’t attractive. I unripped what I had done. So when I returned home after sailing I was on the computer looking at Knitting Daily for some answers. I was still mulling it about and last night I looked up Knitty for their take on the subject, certainly more math is involved but I think I now have a solution.