Some flowers and some fun.

I am finally feeling better and am able to get a few things done.

I don’t think I have finished anything in the last month but of course I have started a lot of things. So once I tackle finishing things, I’ll actually have photos to post.

I have taken pictures of flowers, always an inspiration to me. I love the pinky tulips in this photo.

Ive bought some plants for the garden and about half are in the ground. I still need to get out the old plants which are all root bound and amend the soil before I finish planting.

I worked on the Crusade #40 this month and was looking at other blogs to see their work and I came across a class. It is called the Goddess and the Poet by Suzi Blu.  So naturally, I have signed up. I thought that I could take the materials on the boat this summer and concentrate on faces and journal writing.

So soon, I’ll have photos from that class, a couple of knitted projects, one knit top(nearly done) a new dress(needed for next weekend and not cut out yet but I have now adjusted the pattern, I hope),

While waiting for the ferry last weekend, blowing bubbles kept some children entertained  and I also found some maples getting ready to release all the propellers.

A slow week.

For the past week, I thought that I had a bad cough. So on Saturday, I was put on antibiotics for bronchitis. Today is the first day in a week that I haven’t had an afternoon nap. Probably because I slept without all the coughing.¬† Very little has been done, highlight of the week, I made 2 pincushions and a couple of needlecases. Just basic sewing and not much else.

Hope this week, I can accomplish a few things when I feel better.