Getting things done

Thins aren’t too hectic and I think the Christmas prep is under control. I haven’t baked yet, I am rearranging my kitchen cupboards. Besides that way I can’t eat all the goodies yet.  Most gifts are brought, not wrapped. A major house clean and reorganizing of the storage was done. I started a new pair of socks last night for hubby.Went to a concert, had a party and decorated. Finally put up the vacation photos up on the travel wall. Attempted to sew a few times, not too successful there.

Wrote the Christmas letter, still have to send it. Started updated the address book in my computer, the old program won’t print the names, it does the addresses just fine. So I am putting it all into my email program, I am  only half way done.

My library   book finally appeared on the shelf, along with a fine. I inquired and there is a 50 cent charge per request. I probably won’t do that too often. On the other hand, I ended up with a large print edition.  I am about half way through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I had wanted to read it since it first was published.

A bit of a surprise

I used to wander through the library and pick out books. I probably took no longer than 15 minutes. That was when I went by car and took out 6 or 8 books at a time. Back then the time limit was 4 weeks. Then the lending time shrank to 3 weeks.  I couldn’t get through everything so I cut back on a couple of books.

The newest books had a 2 week loan date and then some books had a quick read label for 7 days with no renewal. Some books were only half read as the fines mounted quickly at 50 cents a day.

Since moving to with in a couple of blocks from the library, it is just easier to stop in and take a look  on nearly  every walk.  I found myself checking out the magazines, having a read of the newest ones before I went back home. I usually just found myself in the new book, section  and recommended reads on the main floor.

Now I get even lazier some days, I online search the newest books. I reserve a few, then just wander by the library and see if any books are on the hold shelf for me. I ususally forget what I have requested, so it is a surprise what the next read will be.

I requested a few the other night, I wonder what will be waiting today.

What’s your hang up? GPP #46

The crusade this month from Michelle Ward is about hanging up your art under glass.

I have a lot of my art work on display but none is behind glass at the present time. I used to have original needlepoint, 3-D fabric pieces etc framed and hung in my other house but now, they just don’t seem to work with my current colour scheme. I used to get inspired by a topic or colour and then found there was really no where on the main floor that they worked well.

Maybe, I am just more comfortable with fabric and thread, rather than paper, ink and drawing. I am working at correcting that. There will be some seasonal Christmas pieces that will be put on display in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I have these and a few other things on display.

It is the 30th of November and I am just squeezing in under the deadline, (I see the deadline has been extended) but I have framed a piece from last month and have it hung in the ensuite. I am quite pleased.