SWAP is up

Sew Random: To SWAP or Not to SWAP…. Here is a clever take on Shakespeare but in a sewing context.

The 2007 SWAP entries have been posted, lots of different styles of clothing. 31 people finished their 11 piece wardrobes, it is hard to vote for a favorite. I did manage to read all the posts today and I guess the ones that I think about the most for the next few days will get my votes.

http://www.timmelfabrics.com/index.htm follow the links in the newsletter to view the swap contest.

I am seriously considering next year to join in. It has changed my whole way of thinking about planning my wardrobe, sewing and purchasing of fabric.

On course for sewing

My sewing is progressing at a slow pace but on the other hand I have kept on track and have made one pair of pants, a skirt, 3 knit tops and 2 tanks. The tanks double as camisoles under the sheer knit top and completely change the look. See picture on the left. I am achieving much narrower edgings, it has only taken upteen years of sewing but I seem to be in a better space mentally to be sewing carefully. So the first mini “sewing with a plan” is done. I am going to plan the next wardrobe swap today, I am thinking of blues and greens, there is talk I might be going to Brazil, I am going to need new clothes!

Two T shirts.

Two new tops from Kwik Sew 3338 both view A. The first picture, where I am holding up the picture, the hem has been pulled up but this is really comfortable. The other one is a stretch lace, very warm to wear, not nearly as much give in the fabric.

button video


This was on the Stitcher’s Guild, lots of buttons. I think it is quite clever.

The sewing room is gradually getting back together. I put my Shakira cd on to keep me painting. I painted some of most walls but I still need to cut in around the ceiling and floor and need to do a bit of filling today. There is still a lot of furniture in the room, plus the new flooring is stacked up and ready for installation next week.

I am at the finishing stage on 2 tops, just the hems to do. I really like working with a group of fabrics that co-ordinate, can’t wait for a few more items to be sewn.

Just Imagine

Just imagining is all that I am doing at present. Still in that dream stage of sewing new clothes. The first two basics are done, pants and a skirt in a carmel or camel colour. Really comfortable to wear in a poly, rayon, lycra combo of some sort.

Next is to name my collection: Carmel twist.

At left, two stretch lace fabrics for short or long sleeve T shirts. For the underneath coverup, a couple of jersey knits with lycra, probably sleeveless tops that can be worn alone or underneath the lace Tees.

The new pants are sandwiched inbetween a couple of jersey printed knits also with lycra. More tops, haven’t decided on the style.
The lace knits shown with the pants. I have a few more fabrics that could work with this combo, but they are more wintery, so I’ll wait till next year to add them to the mix. If this all works out I will have 2 bottoms, 6 tops.
Time to start tweeking the patterns and cut something out.

To fit the sewing with a plan. I’d need a couple more pieces, a jacket, another pair of pants.

A new start

The start of a new blog has me excited. This one is will be more specific, namely sewing with fabrics, my wardrobe and my doll making.
For this new year, I have decided to join SWAP(Sewing with a Plan) and I find already the choices are easier on what to sew first. I am not offically joining the group of 50 people working on 11 items in 3 months of sewing. I enjoy their encouragement of each other and I have always loved to see what others are creating.
My sewing room is currently under repair due to a flood. I hope to have the room more organized than it was pre flood, and I hope to be able to make some choices on what I really need.