Blog temptations

Temptations are everywhere. You see a great yarn, fabric, pattern, beads, and you are all set to start something new and exciting. Whatever the temptation, things get out of control. Hence the need to work from the stash, not buy anything more, declutter and reorganize to see what you have. I will not list the excesses of my own stash, although with the flooding of my sewing room, and everything moved out into other areas of my house, I do feel that perhaps I should cut down on the amount of things stored in that room.

So what else is a big temptation. I start surfing and looking at blog rings. I find a blog I like and click on all of their links, I work my way through the whole ring. Fiber arts, bloggers who embellish, Canadian Fiber Arts, fibre art friends, creative fashion sewing, art dolls to name a few.

Then more temptations arise, the posting of more fun things to join in, Saturday sky, Self portrait, take a stitch tuesdays, make something mondays, show your stash, colour spectrum. fabric postcards, one inch textile squares, atc, & swaps. It goes on and on, secret pals, and KAL’s I am not so interested in. If I have to mail something, I am not too interested and even less if I have to buy something.

I keep thinking I have enough bits and half finished projects from classes that I could use up quite a few things but then once again I’d have to store it.

Just Imagine

Just imagining is all that I am doing at present. Still in that dream stage of sewing new clothes. The first two basics are done, pants and a skirt in a carmel or camel colour. Really comfortable to wear in a poly, rayon, lycra combo of some sort.

Next is to name my collection: Carmel twist.

At left, two stretch lace fabrics for short or long sleeve T shirts. For the underneath coverup, a couple of jersey knits with lycra, probably sleeveless tops that can be worn alone or underneath the lace Tees.

The new pants are sandwiched inbetween a couple of jersey printed knits also with lycra. More tops, haven’t decided on the style.
The lace knits shown with the pants. I have a few more fabrics that could work with this combo, but they are more wintery, so I’ll wait till next year to add them to the mix. If this all works out I will have 2 bottoms, 6 tops.
Time to start tweeking the patterns and cut something out.

To fit the sewing with a plan. I’d need a couple more pieces, a jacket, another pair of pants.

stole and swatch

The swatch was done last night, it is the Patagonia cotton yarn that I loved so much. I definitely needed the smaller needle, the first section is way too loose.

The stole, rayon metallic, colour Antique copper. It is really a lovely colour and I may be forced to make something special to wear with it. It was one skein but still tooo expensive to just sit in the drawer.

How do you spell Relief?

Do you remember the old commercial, where the anouncer asked that question? The answer was Rolaids. Last night, I spelt it DONE.
I mastered that sock heel that was giving me grief. Two nights ago, after ripping back once again, I thought that the brain finally understood the process at a deeper level, getting the rhythm of the increases down to my finger tips, all was well. The next part was the increases again, all was going well….for awhile. OOOps more dropped stitches, those pesky little size 2mm needles made all the difference from the last pair which were made on 2.75mm. I gave myself another hour , while watching Lost to do the next attempt, unrip and redo. It worked and hopefully when I do the next sock the brain-hand connectrion will have kept that memory.

The stole is complete and I look up the care on the Blue Heron site, it is rayon and metallic and they just said lukewarm wash. I am still a bit nervous about blocking it. As much as I love it, it goes with absolutely nothing in my wardrobe, so I don’t feel a rush to get that stage done.

Let’s get started!

I have read about people who work on only one project at a time, they don’t start another until the first one is finished.

I try to keep to under 3 projects, mostly because I don’t keep good notes, I always think I am only putting it down for a short period of time. On that note, I finished a stole, it is not blocked and a couple of ends need to be woven in, baby outfit less than 20% and I will be done, the sock hasn’t now been touched for a couple of weeks.

Altered Art:
Card making, altered books, tags–I like to work in bits, a bunch of backgrounds, a few rubber stamped images, a collection of brads, trims, beads, sequins, all waiting the pressing deadline. A birthday, an atc swap due in a few days. Then I gather the elements, related to colour or theme and I finally get it together.

Same thing, a blouse may be nearly done, just buttonholes, hems to do, and there it sits until I need to wear it. The waistband and hems on pants, same thing. What do I do? Easy buy another pattern and more fabric.

So what’s the problem, all my crafts through the years have followed the same pattern. That includes, household sewing, doll making, jewellery making, cross stitch and needlework.

So I look at all the various supplies and vow to use my labeller, and put things where they belong, sort everything before it goes back into my sewing room. I sorted out my yarns this evening.

Eagle nest

When we were at the marina on Sat., there was an Eagle nest on the other side of the channel. The huge nests are amazing and I managed the photo on telephoto but had no idea if the bird moved or not until I got home and enlarged it on a big screen. It is always a thrill to see an eagle in the wild.

The first week of Feb.

I had a birthday this week and have had lovely treats of dessert. (Creme Brule, and Creme Caramel). Lunch out today, fabulous salad and seafood in the most yummy of sauces. Wonderful papers and a book on card making, cards and craft supplies. My hubby bought me the First Season of ER dvd, I didn’t watch it back then. There was 24 episodes, I will start my indulgence after Feb. sweeps, but I should be able to knit up a storm. The big surprise was a 19 inch flat screen monitor. I can sure see the pictures on the blogs now. The rest of the celebrations will take awhile yet.

The greatest thing was not a birthday present but it did get started on my birthday. We hired gardeners for a spring clean up. The yard has been weeded, leaves removed, clematis, hydrangeas and all trees and shrubs tidied up and shaped. All garbage moved away. I feel like now I can get the rest of the outdoor chores taken care of in record time. I am glad that I wasn’t gardening in the rain.

New Blouse

I finally got to wear my new blouse. Vogue7876, there were many trials and tribulations getting this to work. In the end, it was comfortable, the v neck didn’t gape and I felt good.
I am not sure that I would use this pattern again, as I don’t think I have the waistline for it. I didn’t like the tie to the ring on the other side. I learn’t alot about fitting, which is a good thing and I feel more confident about getting other blouses to fit better now.
The blouse is also 100% polyester which dosen’t breathe.
I have a couple of muslins cut out and ready to sew. I’d like to see how they work as they are both knits with lycra.

Yarny goodness

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We were off to VIctoria for a few days and had a stop at Beehive. Thanks to Adriana for the 20% off coupon.  I  planned on several things and none of that panned out, but I got some other goodies.  Baby Cashmerino,  Debbie Bliss baby book 2 and I’ll make a jacket for a baby expected next month.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI got a couple of odd balls that go with some eyelash silk I bought a couple of years ago. Kimono Ribbon and Distrato by Gedifra. I’ll probably do something simple.
I did a fair bit of knitting lately and my shawl is at about 70% done.