January wool projects.

I have moved to my new townhouse and continue to find places for our belongings and I find some things are now being placed in the garage sale pile. Not everything is going to fit! I also have to organize some of the storage inside cabinets to suit our things.
New shelves have been placed in the office and sewing room, new 7 drawer organizers have been added.
The only hobby that I have participated in for the last while is knitting.

The little tiny sweaters made with sock yarn were fun to do, except for the sewing up part, nearly as many ends as a real sweater. The cabled one still needs the collar added before sewing up. This fun project was from Berocco.
They are the project called Jamb.
This picture will not upload in the proper orientation.

The yarn call Arequipa, was bought in Sechelt. My hubby had been in Peru, on business and looked around for sock yarn for me and couldn’t find any. He heard about a wool store in Lima but, of course, he wasn’t going back to Lima again. He was actually in a city called Arequipa and I knew I was meant to have this yarn. It has alpaca with the superwash wool.

The socks are not yet finished, the first sock was a little too short so I need to add a bit then redo the toe again, I hope to wear them this weekend.


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  1. Adriana
    Feb 04, 2009 @ 13:37:00

    Congrats on the big move! Moving definitely sucks. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some time for knitting.


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