It seems to be a summer of drifting about in my projects, to little effect. Sewing anything has turned out too large, too small, fraying, etc. Followed by making smaller, trying to make armholes bigger, re hemming and fixing up bits.

I am weighed down by too much stuff, I did move out some fabrics, yarn and knitting tools to a few people. I have lost projects. I joined an online group to move out some of my stuff. It hasn’t magically disappeared. I have cleared up certain craft related areas a few times. But having a toss, not so much! Does it bring me joy? Not enough. It all had so much potential.

Stephanieposted a picture of her yarn stash. Brave girl! I think I will do one closet photo, print it out big and hang it up as motivation. I tool 13 pictures, i have started the clearout.


Kate , also posted her experiences.

My hobbies in order of importance are sewing, knitting and mixed media.No longer of much importance, doll making, jewellry making, book binding, teddy bears, making bags, making cards, and all that entails. My blog at one time was called fabric stash!

Another confession, my stuff is in 2-  8 foot closets, the bedroom closet  on several shelves and  part of the floor. In my sewing room,  it is piled sky high in book cases and on the window seat, rolling carts etc. The bottom of the linen closet and in the storage room  in large totes!

Seeing this written out really underscores the need to get going at it.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fabrickated
    Sep 07, 2016 @ 18:29:46

    It’s quite tough to own up, isn’t it? But the first step in discernment.


  2. Stephanie
    Sep 08, 2016 @ 00:47:40

    Wow! Now that’s a collection, Rosemary. It seems quite orderly though, really – as though you know what’s there. Good luck clearing out some of it; I am cheering you on.


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