2013 Week 3

THe sweater dress is finished. I haven’t been able to find a belt to wear with it yet but I am not sure that I need one either. The grey has a bluish cast so I wore navy tights with it. It sure makes a change from grocery shopping in jeans and it was nice to wear all evening as well. The trials and tribulations were mentioned in the last two posts.
Knitting: The socks are 3/4 done and They are a bit snugger that usual but I am still happy with the results. I am looking at the next projext, I think I should consider gloves with some of the new yarn.


Other things: THe exercise regime has begun, I hope it can become a habit going to the gym. So far we have walked to and from the gym as well. It sure was cold today with the fog, it seems to seep right into the bones.

The cleanup: I shoved some of the fabric into a large rubbermaid container. I also found a bunch of things, that I will attack again, one blouse and a coat both over 5 years in the heap and ready to be tackled again.

First week

The first week of January 2013. Started very slowly, taking life >easy. I am hoping to post a weekly update this year. I only did 30 posts last year and I don’t know if I can get the momentum and discipline needed to post that often but that will be my goal.

I gathered a lot of the ornaments from the tree onto the table, took down the tree. Still to be put away, all Christmas boxes need to be labelled. I have decided to use smaller boxes, so they will be easier to carry. The boxes will be numbered as well, 1 of 8 to 8 of 8. That way should work better.

I dragged (pulled Out) all the fabric that wasn’t on shelves in the sewing room and shoved them in the office on the floor. Until I make a decision, what to do with it. I had to clear out a space to see what was what. Something is going to have to go.
I cut out a sweater dress on Thursday night, and got it close to being finished for a party on the weekend. The collar had me stymied for a bit. But I think I have it solved now. The fabric came in a 10 yard bundle from FabricMart. I had bought a belt for it but no way did it work, so I am on the lookout for something else.

Knitting: I did get my cardigan together and just had to sew on the buttons since new years.
I also started a pair of socks,Christmas gifts new needles and yarn. Colour Hayride from Knitpicks and their latest needle offerings. I love the finish on the wood,silky feeling. I am using a slip stitch pattern to make socks for my self.

Reading: Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian.

Garden the Amaryllis is out! It is quite dramatic and called Charisma.

Celebrated a retirement in VIctoria, it was a lovely gathering. We had a great time. IMG_0862

Knitting projects.

So this summer, when on the boat, I knitted  or finished up several items. One pair of socks, plain ones for my hubby.On-Line  my usual 8 rib pattern  over 68 stitches.

One wingspan is a gift, not sure who the recipient is yet. But I loved knitting it and I was really pleased with the colour repeat. Regia sock,hand paint effect.

I bought some Noro sock  yarn in LaConner and made an eyelet scarf for summer. Didn’t really care too much to work with it. It was a little too stringy and thick and thin for me, I usually like working with linen and silk, so no sure why it didn’t end up as a big fav.   I wore it on Friday, and the edges curled  and I had just finished blocking it. Maybe it would not have curled with a wider border.  I ripped it out several days later, I’d never wear it again.

There is one more pair of socks on the needles, just plain ones for me with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn. My photo is rather dark but Damselfly has a good photo, she made the same ones.

I actually finiahed them a few days ago and started another pair using Knit Picks Imagination in Sasquatch.

One more project is languishing in the time out basket, it is Oak Leaf Shawlette by Romi Hill.  Sometimes, I think will be the end of me. I am determined to do lace this year, but somehow, I miss count even with a dozen or more markers. I tried it again a few weeks ago. It is malbrigio sock yarn  and when I started socks with it, it just didn’t seem firm enough for me.I like a dense  sock that doesn’t move around on my foot. I  will photograph this when it is complete. Don’t hold your breath.

Criminally mindless redux

I liked my pair of Criminally Mindless socks from the Criminal Knits KAL on  ravelry.  I changed things up abit this time round. I cast on 64 stitiches instead of 68.  I changed the pattern a bit as well. Instead of two tows pattern and two rows plain,  I did four rows plain. I did use the heel from the pattern and changed the toe to a short row toe just like last time.

I used Regia 4 fadiz crazy color. I love this colourway. I tried everything with  the new camera, and have a wide variety of looks from one pair of socks. They are comfy to wear.

The second picture is the closet to the true colour,it looks like I need to practice with my camera.

I have some things that need finishing.

I wrote this post on the 30th of March. I wasn’t in the mood to put in the pictures. I hate to say it but nothing has changed since I wrote it.

I have finished knitting two pairs of socks. I have not finished weaving in the ends. I think that they will be going in a give away box. I used left over sock yarn for these pairs of socks.

I have also finished a scarf called Les Miserables. I haven’t felted it yet. I finally gave up on a tank top I started designing several years ago. I tried everything with it. I had the neckline done at one stage and then decided to add some length to it. Next it was too small through the bust and the armeyes were pulled and didn’t look good. I cut off the top. I tried several ways of adding extra width, darts from the side, extra stitches spaced evenly across, short row increases between the apexes, all looked terrible.

Finally, I found something that would work. I had lots of fun with all the holes in the scarf. This was the second ball of yarn that I had bought and I like the slightly brighter colours better.  When will I felt it? when the weather is a little better., and I can dry it outside. Maybe tomorrow.


I even did a scarf for my hubby, I used Kertzer Tweed Montage and used the ribbed scarf pattern that was so popular a few years ago.

Left overs and loose ends

I can actually keep my fridge in check most of the time.  My sock yarn has been hidden until now. I knew that they were kept deep in the box in various bags. I just remembered there are a few more that I have knit with recently that were not added to the photos.

There is another sock KAL, that calls for different balls of yarn with contrast.  I know I’ll never do the bee keepers quilt, o n ravelry, no matter how wonderful it looks.  Whatever I decide there will be some loose ends that will need to be woven in, and will probably feel like it is taking as long as it did to knit the sock.

So I pulled out 3 balls of yarn, the 2 larger ones I dyed, so it isn’t superwash merino but the cuff and toes and heels will be superwash, I think.  I think the two yarns are working seamlessly into a nice blend. There are lovely combinations in the pile of left overs, I am excited to put them together.

Criminally Mindless-a KAL

My latest socks are complete. I joined a KAL  on ravelry for the Criminal Minds group. I love that show and decided this year to knit along with some of the monthly projects.  So January’s KAL is done and so far I am up to date on February’s as well.

I loved the yarn, I think I got it on Vancouver Island last summer, Punta Yarns uruguayan natural spun,  merisock hand painted. A gorgeous mixture of fall colours, muted rust, brown, sage,  dark blue and dull gold. It might be a bit busy for the pattern.

The pattern is wonderful  and includes a different heel and instructions for top down or toe up versions. I like quite a rounded toe so that was the only change that I made.   This picture is quite light in comparison to the actual wool.

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