I intend to give this a try this year. I will do a weekly round up. I managed to keep a list of my outfits for 3 days and  did not take any photos! There was little rain this month and it was fairly warm so not many layers.

May 13, so far I have managed everyday to wear me made. Besides bras and socks, it has mostly been knit short sleeve tops, 1 skirt, poor worn out me made pants and rtw jeans. Obviously I have some sewing to do.

May 31, I managed to wear me mades everyday, although I was wearing a lot of repeats in the end. I did learn where the gaps in my wardrobe are and they were pretty much what I expected. I am in desperate need of new pants, jeans, a dress or two. blouses and T shirts.

I did make two blouses, and one pair of light denim pants.

Clockwise from the top, 2 rayon dresses that are now relegated to at home dresses on a hot day, I bought fabric for a new one. Three blouses  one from Seamwork  in rayon challis, two cotton short sleeves with button fronts. Three poly blouses. 2 Style arc Issy.  Four T shirts, 3 made this year, the green burnout stripe and the blue and purple cotton stretch which are good for exercise class. Last 1  pair of light denim pull on below knee pants and two brown pairs that need replacing.


Two Rayon tops

This fabric has been in the stash for so long.  I think 5 years at least and the store changed it’s name.

I used a Vogue pattern 9117, for the tank top, I find it a bit wide in the neck  and a little low, but I like it. Not sure I want to travel with it, I had it in Toronto for 3 weeks and it never made it’s way out of the bag, I didn’t want to hunt down an iron.

The button up blouse, I used McCall’s  Pattern 6512, ( it is no longer in the listings) the first time I made this blouse I didn’t really have enough room in the bust and those 3/4 sleeves were binding on my forearms. So this time I left off the necktie and made the short sleeves. I also did a FBA, I think I added too much. On the other hand, it is comfortable, cool in the hear and can be worn over the tank top.





I think both of these tops will be going to the thrift store. While I love the fabric, it doesn’t really feel like me. I have seen people in the nursing home where something similar, oh dear. Why keep it. if the fit is off? Those green pants need a rethink as well.





Making a 6 pac for a vacation.

Stitcher’s Guild has had a series of 6 pac wardrobe making sew a longs  per season going now for a few years. I have often felt like joining but never ever sewed much and nothing ever went together. So this year I have completed more than a 6 pac . It started with those two pairs of linen pants that didn’t fit at all well but I continued to persevere and started another pair again in linen, green this time, did the flat seat adjustment and took off the saddlebags down the thigh. Things are looking better. I was so enthused that I took in the legs in the first two pairs.  But alas, more is still needed to be removed. I have had the fabric for so long, I don’t know where it came from. The green linen was a factory closeout and I think there was 12 yards or so on the bolt that I bought.

I had enough of a lightweight blouse fabric to make a woven tank and a button front blouse and although the necklines seem a little big, I am fairly happy with the results.

The third blouse I only had a limited amount of fabric and made a short sleeve top which is a bit on the tight side but I this still wearable, although arm movement is somewhat restricted.

The fourth blouse is a poorly matched plaid, but I did do a full bust adjustment and left out the darts in the waist and I love how this blouse makes me feel.

I still am thinking of the overblouse in the sheer and a green linen skirt with a narrow band in the sheer near the hem. If I manage it all I will have nine pieces, I’d say that is a win-win!

August 20th update, 3 pairs of pants, that green linen still needs to be fixed, 5 blouses, 2 dresses. Redoing the overblouse, I wasn’t sure I had both front and back with the same side of the fabric facing out. so doing a bit of a redo.

I just published the dress details and other blog posts are nearly ready to go.   A good portion was from my stash, the linens, the rayon, so happy to use up those pieces.

Two rayon batik dresses McCall’s 6465

This  summer the heat has been brutal. So a rayon loose fitted dress that doesn’t show creases is very appealing.

After my experience with too tight sleeves, I gave myself extra width on the hem, much better. I lowered the front neckline, I had decided to go with a bias trim neck, that was before I found out there were facings.  I also sewed the bias trim on the wrong side, so made the big decision to go with it  and just hand sewed it to the front with little beads. They are pretty subtle. but I enjoyed doing the  hems by hand and I have love seeing all the Alabama Chanin embellishments. After the first wearing, I resewed the seams taking in a  couple of inches. So pretty low key, comfortable, just what I want on vacation. I picked up the fabric in Penticton in the Okanagan in May.







The second dress is the same as the first, fabric from Fabricana but smaller in the body. I have seen the dresses updated to more modern styles but somehow I am back in the 70’s and I am fine with that. Of course, I just might  be channeling my mother, who favored loose dresses in the summer.

Practice makes perfect.

I have been brushing up on a few skills, still need to practice but usually I dive in and have to redo. I have some ideas for sewing and when one thing isn’t working so well, I take a break and try something else. I have been thinking of travel wardrobes, light weight layering pieces without a lot of bulk. I also need to finish some bags I have been making for a few months now. Mostly that sewing has been dormant but a couple of weeks ago, I put the vinyl to the test, the piping worked a treat and  have applied it to the necessary bags, I need to put in a magnet next before I do the next seam. I am still stymied with the bag handles and now know what I want but my piping for the handles is too soft, as per usual I have no idea where the vinyl tubing is. I am sure I saved it somewhere, but it will be easier to walk to the hardware store. I bought new vinyl and tried it in a handle but don’t like the finish where it joins to the bag. I have now ordered new hardware from Emmaline bag supplies. I will make straps and use rivets to attach them to the metal rings and the bag.


I would like a sheer top to layer over a woven tank and maybe also as a detail in a skirt. I bought this amazing fabric in Paris a few years ago, and it has intimidated and fascinated me ever since. So this is the year that I start. Although the sheer sections are mostly blue and green with some gold, over a coloured fabric it changes the look of the sheer areas.  Very exciting possibilities  So today, I sat down and tried out a few different seam finishes and it is not so intimidating. Just need to be careful and take my time, accurately cut etc. More

Starting something new

I sorted out my lace a couple of weeks ago, I think I  found it all. I have been collecting for years, use a little tiny amount when I was making dolls. I bought some each time I found something interesting. Christine’s Lingerie used to be manufactured in West Vancouver and once a year she would have a big sale and that included her fabrics and laces. I was usually a cheapskate and would get a grab bag of lace, or silk or chiffon offcuts.

Those lovely colours were so inspiring. I also followed several blogs by women who were making wonderful lingerie. Lately, I have been following emeralderin and her bra a week now at week 20 and the inspiring sewers.  I also took a bra making course from Craftsy from Beverly Johnson. I have signed up for the designer techniques as well.  I have ordered the Classic bra pattern and the ivory supply kit, from BraMakers Supply in Hamilton, Ont. It is cut out. So hope to get to it over the weekend. I’ll be in Toronto soon, so if I have problems, I’d like to be able to ask for help

IMG_2457 IMG_2456

Some have stretch, some is yardage, various widths, and colours.  Excuse the strap from the camera in the first photo, but the pink embroidered one and the black trimmed were bought in Yalta, the sales clerk thought I should buy more, I wish I had now of course, at the time the language barrier intimidated me a bit.

Toiletries bags

For years I have made do with my toiletries case. A few yaars ago I replaced one with the best I could find but I hated the colour brown with a turquoise interior. It seemed to be fairly shoddily made with a dreaded velcro closing with only got caught on my clothes! That was soon removed.
A couple of years ago, in Hancocks fabrics I found the cotton print called chains and roses in orange, I loved it and then found a wild laminated print as well. I only had one toiletries kit in mind so just bought a third of a yard. A year later, I bought the Kwik Sew 3748 pattern and there it sat. I started with 3 of the orange zippers and in the end used 5. I debated with myself for a while on whether to make the pockets in clear vinyl, white net of blue and in the end chose the blue. I bought a couple of yards of the green knit binding. The first time putting it on was dreadful. So I took that off and started again and hand basted it first.
I used it on the trip to Toronto erlier this month. Most of my things fit in properly, and it fit better in my suitcase as well. Since another trip is starting this weekend, I made up a couple of box bags, I had to find some batik to line the cloth bag and vinyl one is vinyl inside as well. I put tissue over and under the seam as I sewed it.
Now, my toiletries bags will shout ” vacation”  when ever I open my suitcase. I kind of like that idea.IMG_1038



Well, either I am obsessed or addicted to reality tv shows. Not day to day living but the competions. Food is a biggie, with Chopped, Master chef, Top chef etc. I used to faithfully watch Project Runway and Next top model but those I have left behind. Just too much drama and everything seems so contrived.
But I have found something new, along with a lot of others in the sewing community, and soon became addicted to Great British Sewing Bee. Only 4 episodes, no drama with the contestants , but just sewers who delight in sewing. You have to catch it on you tube and the challenges each week, I certainly would not want to face. I have been following one of the contestants for several years on the Stitcher’s Guild, she gives wonderful advice and is an inspiration to everyone. Here is the first episode.
Not to be forgotten, there is an online challenge for knitters, from Skacel yarns. It looks promising and the first challenge is underway and due after 2 weeks. Here is a link to the Fiber Factor.

Somethings are good

I was quite pleased with my latest top. Simplicity 2283. Fabric was from Fabricana, it is poly and was part of my birthday gift. This was a new pattern and I just decided to go with a size 16 straight out of the package. I basted all the pleats in place and it took me a couple of tries to get the yokes on the front attached. I did the hems by hand.
So hubby took pictures outside. I like the front view.IMG_1010

**** crap, what is going on with the back of those pants?!


It didn’t matter how I stood. I did do a flat derriere adjustment and thought I’d made an improvement. Have they bagged out? It is a poly, rayon, lycra and the pattern is Simplicity 2860.  My second pair is much better, but no I don’t have a back view picture yet,  they are in the wash. I will get one done tomorrow.
So last night I unpicked some of the waistband on the sides and the back crotch seam. So I will be making adjustments.

This year I will art journal

A couple of friends and I went out to the sewing show last Friday at the Tradex in Abbotsford. I just wanted two items, neither of which I found. I thought my chances were slim. So I have ordered Swedish tracing paper from Nancy’s notions and I have placed an order with What a Notion for some Amazing tape which wraps around thread spools to keep everything in order. I have used one roll which was 50 feet and still need another, it sure is neater than keeping my threads in various sized plastic bags.
However, I did buy a few things in the arty scrapbook journal section. We then went to Clipperstreet and spent more money on getting some things that I had to have.
I bought a Faber-Castell mix and match mixed media sampler set in green, for my up coming trip. A stensil and a couple of diecuts from Memory box for my bigshot machine. Then I just could not resist dylusions journal, stensil of a stylish lady, some washi tape. THe journal has sturdy pages to work on with a variety of media.IMG_1006

I have since decided that this is journal will be about being 65, there are 64 pages plus covers.

I have been gathering my bits together. Watching videos on You tube about the stensils and the journal.  So  two pages have been started. It may be months before they get posted on the blog. I have done a drawing of tulips, partly coloured with pencils and markers.

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