Some gloves and a walk

Some progress is happening. I have been to exercises 3 times a week, and most times I have also walked there and back. It takes about one and a half hours total, and is starting to feel like a routine. I like a little lie down when I am done, on the other hand I have noticed an increase in energy. No weight loss darn, must be all the good food.

I did finish the gloves. I have the whole idea figured out now but didn’t count too well adding in the extra rows,so they are slightly different lengths, I can live with it, the few times in a year that I will wear them. I also have long fingers, the gloves shorter stubby ones. I will probably knit another pair some day now that I know what I am doing.IMG_0972

Up next on the knitting front was a scarf and a hat. Hat has been ripped out, something wonky was going on. The scarf so far is working well, I don’t have a lot of yarn so it may be just a throat warmer. It is reversible. No photo yet.

A week ago, we went and wandered the trails at the mudflats. Considering it has been a public reserve for sometime, you’d think I would have been before but no. This art exhibit is by Ken Lum.


Any rate it is great and it will be interesting to see the changes throughout the season.

Even squirrels like the sun

It has been a lovely weekend, sunny days, warm temperatures. So lots of people out at garage sales, working in their yards, enjoying the park and their boats.

Then I saw this squirrel on the elephant on the fence.

Foliage on Fabric

On the last two vacations, I have taken many pictures of palm trees. I couldn’t resist having fabric in my collection. The blue background is for a bag and the orange for short sleeved shirt for me.

The influences:

The fabric: Memories of Maui

Double diamond socks

Several years ago, I bought some seconds of yarn from Fleece Artist, at Beehive in Victoria  and I have finally got around to knitting it up. It is a Djion mustard colour, I made my own pattern up. I drew it up on graph paper and then found it was much easier to follow once I had translated the symbols to a written pattern. I just used a traditional heel flap and 64 stitches for the pattern.
After a light steaming, the pattern really appeared and I wore them yesterday and they were quite comfortable.

I went to investogate a noise outside this morning, opened the shutters in the bedroom and found this.

Time to shut that window.

Photos from the last boat trip

We will be taking off for a boat meet up next weekend again but I thought that I’d post some pictures from the last trip.

August 2010

We did just over 200 miles. You can click on the link to see the GPS tracking of our route.

There was a lot of smoke from the fires in the Cariboo, so long distance shots of the mountains were out.  I did get some close ups of moss and rock on Texada, it was our first time there.

A visit to the museum in Courtney yielded this from the early 1920’s.

Squirrels and Magnolias

Rowanberry studio had this post the other week and I thought that I’d share my experience.

The magnolia had been early to start blooming this year because of the mild weather.  I noticed some flower blooms on top of the fence.

I didn’t know what had caused this to happen.

That was when we discovered the squirrel.

The most succulent bits appear to be seeds in the base of the flower, the petals are all that is left behind. It took an acrobatic squirrel to be able to balance on the thin branches. It looked like the best ones were just out of reach.

An early spring

Last night at 5:30 pm it was actually warm enough to barbeque in shirt sleeves. It had been a lovely day. Today it was not quite as warm and I was inspired to photograph some of the greenery. There is still plenty of winter left to have a cold snap.

This is outside the townhouse.

The next couple are from the library.

I loved these berries as a kid and they always remind me of my childhood.

This was a day of blurry shots. Too close, out of focus but in one picture I found this. I liked the mixture of leaves but there is also a flower.

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