Health and a new scarf.

I have had a couple of slow weeks. The weeks went by quickly, but I am moving slowly. I got a new mouthguard for night time. The fit wasn’t quite right, I had one change made but it is still giving me grief. Sore neck, shoulders, cheeks etc. I have physio with a TMJ specialist this week and then will take her recommendations to the dentist. I am using my old guard for the time being. It seems to throw the rest of me off as well. I am so tired, I have cut back on exercise.

I saw the physio yesterday, I feel much better today, trying something new.
In the meantime, I knit a scarf of my own design, Rowan Tweed in a reversible design. It is in the finished pile now, but still needs the ends woven in, and maybe a button. It is pretty short, it took 2 balls, so it just really keeps one’s neck warm.IMG_1004
I have been playing with a hat as well, so My second attempt appears to be better than my first attempt. I saw a hat of fabric that I loved and would like to do one in felt and velvet as well. I am using the Hurricane hat pattern from Ravelry and will attempt to add a stuffed tube around the bottom edge. I discovered an error in row 1,  the count was wrong. So it is ripped out.
I have to curtail the knitting as the hands are hurting as well.

Knitting projects.

So this summer, when on the boat, I knitted  or finished up several items. One pair of socks, plain ones for my hubby.On-Line  my usual 8 rib pattern  over 68 stitches.

One wingspan is a gift, not sure who the recipient is yet. But I loved knitting it and I was really pleased with the colour repeat. Regia sock,hand paint effect.

I bought some Noro sock  yarn in LaConner and made an eyelet scarf for summer. Didn’t really care too much to work with it. It was a little too stringy and thick and thin for me, I usually like working with linen and silk, so no sure why it didn’t end up as a big fav.   I wore it on Friday, and the edges curled  and I had just finished blocking it. Maybe it would not have curled with a wider border.  I ripped it out several days later, I’d never wear it again.

There is one more pair of socks on the needles, just plain ones for me with Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn. My photo is rather dark but Damselfly has a good photo, she made the same ones.

I actually finiahed them a few days ago and started another pair using Knit Picks Imagination in Sasquatch.

One more project is languishing in the time out basket, it is Oak Leaf Shawlette by Romi Hill.  Sometimes, I think will be the end of me. I am determined to do lace this year, but somehow, I miss count even with a dozen or more markers. I tried it again a few weeks ago. It is malbrigio sock yarn  and when I started socks with it, it just didn’t seem firm enough for me.I like a dense  sock that doesn’t move around on my foot. I  will photograph this when it is complete. Don’t hold your breath.

summer wrap up part 1

Oh, my I have  been silent. I didn’t think anything was worth writing about at the time.  I did some art work, made a ring pillow for a wedding, made a linen dress, a couple of other things were sewn. Lots of books were read. Knitting was started 3 or 4 projects, 2 finished. (well, not blocked yet).  Went out on the boat a few times. Had a family party. had company.

The ring pillow was for a dear friend. The wedding was wonderful. It was a beautiful day and so much fun for everyone. My friend likes her bling, had a wonderful dress with pleated chiffon and I wanted to play with that idea. So pearls, aurora borealis sequins, and tanzanite crystals.

I gatherered up  a 39 inch length of chiffon, and basted the edges to a backing of silk duponi,  and then just set about folding, pleating and placing the sequins.  The back was left plain, with a folded silk signature which was buttoned into place. The outside was covered in more sequins and beads. the inside was embroided with their initials, and wedding date..  A loopy ribbon was placed on the top of the pillow.


Two nearly forgotten scarves.

When my cousin came over to visit and I was getting my knitting ready to show her. I found 2 scarves that I had  knit awhile back, and hadn’t blocked or woven in the ends.

One was a linen of my own design finished in May of 2010.  I sure can’t remember any details of the second scarf, I remember the yarn but not where I bought it or even what it was for sure. Obviously, it is all about the process for me. The results aren’t secondary but the finishing and actually wearing it aren’t all that important.  I am pleased that I am now done with them both.

Bamboo Tank

Back in June of 2009, I wrote about my latest project, bamboo, my own pattern, yarn Madill Eden.

Obviously, it has been languishing for awhile, it sort of got to a point where I was afraid to try it on and find out I’d have to do it all again. So after months of being in the nearly finished state, I took it away on a mini trip and finished working in all of the ends. Then had to wait for the weather to warm up.

It fits, neckline is good, armholes are good, hem is the right length. If I could get rid of the love handles, it would be perfect. I won’t be wearing a body shaper!












Project Spectrum 5

Project Spectrum is underway again, and we will be working with a different colour  each month. Although, it was started by a knitter, Lauren, it can encompass all aspects.  So you can read about the colour and how it is made, or it might feature the colour in a title. Think food, flowers, clothes anything that takes your fancy, then write a post, take  photo and put it on flicker. I think this is the third or fourth year that I have played along. So thanks to Lauren for organizing  it once again.

I have been knitting, a another pair of socks. I was happily working away, when I realized that I was working with the wrong colour for May. The colour was red, what was I doing with a yarn called Green Envy? Other than loving it, of course! It was a Red Heart yarn called Heart and Sole, Razzle Dazzle.  literally, saved by the label.

The usual 2mm, 64 stitches but this time the gusset decreases are along the sole. I was still playing with a mixed up rib pattern. I wore them today, I love the way they feel. That’s pair number 5 for this year.

More Eight Rib socks

I started another pair of socks for hubby this month. The last socks fit him so well, I am doing the same pattern as last time. This time the yarn is some Fleece artist sock seconds that has been sitting in the stash for quite ahwile. I love the colour of these socks.

They were finished up last night.

Eight rib socks

Socks, this time for hubby. A simple rib, designed by me just to keep it interesting. I bought the wool in Nanaimo, and started them for myself, and decided that they were not calling my name.  So cast on for a larger size. Nice wool to work with, and they took about a month to complete. Size 2mm needles, and 68 stitches.

Pattern: my own* K5,P2,K3.P2.K5*repeat 3 times per row. Yarn: Regia Extra Twist Merino Color premium line green and brown.

 My goal this year is to knit socks for my family and not so much for myself.

New neckwear

I am not meaning a new scarf, but jewellry. Stone necklaces do keep me warm though, I don’t know why.

I got a new bradelet from my oldest son, and like last year, he said to wear it as is or take it apart and do what you want. So last night I played and got so inspired, I worked on two necklaces. One with my new turqouise beads with different silver beads in between and it is to be finished off with a chain. I did buy the chain today. Now it is Tuesday night the chain is in place but I am considering adding another couple of pieces to finish it off.  Here it is in progress.

The other stones have been in my possession for three years or so, a fancy oval agate from Toronto and small round jasper beads. While rounding up my supplies for the first necklace, I found some small copper balls.  I am liking them both, now to finish them off.

Another in progress picture.

I also have some red coral , some blue dyed coral discs and a few other pieces that I puzzle over. I am sure the right bead will show up, but red and white isn’t doing it for me. It is just too much like a candy cane.

Double diamond socks

Several years ago, I bought some seconds of yarn from Fleece Artist, at Beehive in Victoria  and I have finally got around to knitting it up. It is a Djion mustard colour, I made my own pattern up. I drew it up on graph paper and then found it was much easier to follow once I had translated the symbols to a written pattern. I just used a traditional heel flap and 64 stitches for the pattern.
After a light steaming, the pattern really appeared and I wore them yesterday and they were quite comfortable.

I went to investogate a noise outside this morning, opened the shutters in the bedroom and found this.

Time to shut that window.

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