I intend to give this a try this year. I will do a weekly round up. I managed to keep a list of my outfits for 3 days and  did not take any photos! There was little rain this month and it was fairly warm so not many layers.

May 13, so far I have managed everyday to wear me made. Besides bras and socks, it has mostly been knit short sleeve tops, 1 skirt, poor worn out me made pants and rtw jeans. Obviously I have some sewing to do.

May 31, I managed to wear me mades everyday, although I was wearing a lot of repeats in the end. I did learn where the gaps in my wardrobe are and they were pretty much what I expected. I am in desperate need of new pants, jeans, a dress or two. blouses and T shirts.

I did make two blouses, and one pair of light denim pants.

Clockwise from the top, 2 rayon dresses that are now relegated to at home dresses on a hot day, I bought fabric for a new one. Three blouses  one from Seamwork  in rayon challis, two cotton short sleeves with button fronts. Three poly blouses. 2 Style arc Issy.  Four T shirts, 3 made this year, the green burnout stripe and the blue and purple cotton stretch which are good for exercise class. Last 1  pair of light denim pull on below knee pants and two brown pairs that need replacing.