And yet so far

Bad news. The sleeves are nowhere near the size of the armhole.  I haven’t taken out a tape measure but I think there is a 6 inch discrepancy. I am so ticked off that I haven’t even looked at it. I think I may have to knit the sleeves over.  Next step will be to pin the sides together and see how it fits me just over a blouse.  Then I will try the sleeves and do the same with them.

In the meantime, I will knit socks, and  sew.  I am not looking at that sweater for another week!


Kobo Vox again

“Please wait” is usually an instruction, that I follow. With the computer, puts up a new screen, that I don’t understand, I get nervous. Threats, Virus, yikes.

So please wait came up when I tried to access my magazine and no amount of tapping on the cover did any thing, and after a couple of minutes I figured it was in a loop.  I discovered it happened  when  the wi=fi was on and when it was turned off.  Happy accident, i tapped  the return arrow  at the bottom of the vox, lo and behold– the book appeared! I am happy now. Next time I travel, I’ll by the fattest book from Zinio and enjoy looking at on my Kobo.

Has any one recharged it on the plane? That will be my next little thing to try.

Bring in the summer

I decided to bring a little sunshine home with me the other day. I couldn’t resist the smell of the peonies in the flower section of the grocery store. I have always had the dark pink ones. but the cream ones were so  appealing.

I had the perfect spot for them. They are brightening up the house, this cold and rainy June.

Melted Chocolate

We had some lovely hot weather last week and since then it has been rainy, windy. You need an umbrella, a scarf and maybe a sweater under a jacket.  Most of the blooms were pounded off the clematis during one downpour.

I ‘d like it hot enough to melt chocolate again.  During one hot day, the postman left a package in the sunshine.  These were still mighty good after a little while in the fridge.

Weekend surprize.

My hubby had a meeting last weekend in Sooke,  on the island. It has been decades since I had been in that areea of the island. It is a beautiful harbour.

I beetled off and went in a few shops in Langford, had lunch etc.  I was told that there was a quilt show in Victoria, just a few blocks from where we waere staying.  So Sunday morning, I went off and had a look. The merchants mall had sosme great stuff, I bought a few things. Had a quick look at the quilts, which were wonrerful. as my hubby was in the car waiting for me.  I spent quite a while looking at the cloth doll display from the Cloth-a-dolics in Victora. They are certainly a group of fine artists.

The blossoms were out in Victoria.

bucket lists

I have always written lists and find that most of them start with I must get organized. I rarely write grocery lists but I think I have covered every other type of list. I think it is the crossing off of items I like the most. I have found old lists of sewing items made in a year, christmas lists for presents and cards.  But now all the talk is bucket lists.

When sailing a few years ago with friends, one quiet night we made the bucket list. Nine months had passed when the couple stayed with us again, and none of us had even looked at the list.  My husband thought it was time to get going, and immediately started planning a trip to Greece. A few months, later we were there.  The list gets pulled out now and then and it is amazing how many things have been accomplished and enjoyed. I think once it is written down, if the possiblitly comes up, you go for it.

Now no big trips are planned for the next year and we always seem to go through the list on each sailing vacation, so who knows what will be added this year.

Each hobby has an accompaning list.

I just bought a new book, The Knitters Life List,  my what a glorious lot of suggestions and ideas to contemplate. The one thing on my knitter’s list was making gloves this year.  There is a whole world of possiblity out there. 300 pages of types of yarn, designers, yarn dyers, sheep festivals, ideas for patterns.   Where ito find patterns and what ever else that you need.

This Saturday, I’ll be taking a silver smithing course,  with a friend.  It has been a decade since I did any of this, just been collecting supplies and tools in the meantime.

The weather has had a little bit of everything except warmth this week. So snow a couple of times, some hail, lots of blustery wind, plenty of rain, some incredible sunshine.

But my Lenten roses continue to bloom, including the dark one, name unknown, which is blooming for the first time this year. I have been waiting through 3 winters to see it.  The primulas have been at the garden stores since before the New year but the ranunculus are new this week.

This one is really a dark purple.

I popped into the library for a look yesterday and found another new gluten free book.

The Itolerant Gournet:: Glorious Food without Gluen and Lactose by Barbara Kafka. I ordered it from Amazon this afternoon.

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