Well, either I am obsessed or addicted to reality tv shows. Not day to day living but the competions. Food is a biggie, with Chopped, Master chef, Top chef etc. I used to faithfully watch Project Runway and Next top model but those I have left behind. Just too much drama and everything seems so contrived.
But I have found something new, along with a lot of others in the sewing community, and soon became addicted to Great British Sewing Bee. Only 4 episodes, no drama with the contestants , but just sewers who delight in sewing. You have to catch it on you tube and the challenges each week, I certainly would not want to face. I have been following one of the contestants for several years on the Stitcher’s Guild, she gives wonderful advice and is an inspiration to everyone. Here is the first episode.
Not to be forgotten, there is an online challenge for knitters, from Skacel yarns. It looks promising and the first challenge is underway and due after 2 weeks. Here is a link to the Fiber Factor.

Health and a new scarf.

I have had a couple of slow weeks. The weeks went by quickly, but I am moving slowly. I got a new mouthguard for night time. The fit wasn’t quite right, I had one change made but it is still giving me grief. Sore neck, shoulders, cheeks etc. I have physio with a TMJ specialist this week and then will take her recommendations to the dentist. I am using my old guard for the time being. It seems to throw the rest of me off as well. I am so tired, I have cut back on exercise.

I saw the physio yesterday, I feel much better today, trying something new.
In the meantime, I knit a scarf of my own design, Rowan Tweed in a reversible design. It is in the finished pile now, but still needs the ends woven in, and maybe a button. It is pretty short, it took 2 balls, so it just really keeps one’s neck warm.IMG_1004
I have been playing with a hat as well, so My second attempt appears to be better than my first attempt. I saw a hat of fabric that I loved and would like to do one in felt and velvet as well. I am using the Hurricane hat pattern from Ravelry and will attempt to add a stuffed tube around the bottom edge. I discovered an error in row 1,  the count was wrong. So it is ripped out.
I have to curtail the knitting as the hands are hurting as well.

A few weeks ago

I went to the VGFA guild meeting on Feb. 14. We were trading ATC’s, I forgot to take any pictures of the ones I made. I received some lovely ones in return.
The hostess had made some marshmallows, two types, pink rose flavored one and some dusted with cocoa powder. Just delicous.
It was speed dating night, really it was a way to meet other members and learn something about each other.
A new paper group is starting again. I hope to attend more meetings, it has been a couple of years since I attended meetings.
I won the door prize. A wonderful scarf knit by one of the members, lace a vibrant blue.IMG_0973

Some gloves and a walk

Some progress is happening. I have been to exercises 3 times a week, and most times I have also walked there and back. It takes about one and a half hours total, and is starting to feel like a routine. I like a little lie down when I am done, on the other hand I have noticed an increase in energy. No weight loss darn, must be all the good food.

I did finish the gloves. I have the whole idea figured out now but didn’t count too well adding in the extra rows,so they are slightly different lengths, I can live with it, the few times in a year that I will wear them. I also have long fingers, the gloves shorter stubby ones. I will probably knit another pair some day now that I know what I am doing.IMG_0972

Up next on the knitting front was a scarf and a hat. Hat has been ripped out, something wonky was going on. The scarf so far is working well, I don’t have a lot of yarn so it may be just a throat warmer. It is reversible. No photo yet.

A week ago, we went and wandered the trails at the mudflats. Considering it has been a public reserve for sometime, you’d think I would have been before but no. This art exhibit is by Ken Lum.


Any rate it is great and it will be interesting to see the changes throughout the season.

End of January

The weather has been pretty good, dry, only a day or so of rain, this week.
The weekly knitting report: socks are finished. I started some plain gloves but once again, I need to consult another book or two to get it all straightened out in my head. I am more used to following sewing patterns with drawings of each step. I did buy Patons Book 7 on Mittens and gloves.I had a ball of cotton linen combo and am making a couple of washcloths. Nothing worthy of a photo.

Sewing: Sorting out the pile of abandoned projects: First up a blouse, No pattern any more so made my own adjustments. There was a long tie that was supposed to go around the waist, I think on the inside. I gave up on that and converted the tie into a bow at the waist. Added some snaps and hooks and eyes to keep it closed and finally a little gathering in the back to snug in the back abit. I am sort of wondering if this is a complete waste of time and will I like it any better this time. I discovered a few more tweaks are still needed.

The second abandoned project was a winter faux fur coat. Vogue 7627 size medium, now out of print. I got some toggle closures the other day and finally figured out a few things that had me stymied. I remember last time I was so frustrated with the amount of vacumming it caused with fur flying everywhere. It will need a cold blustery day to be worn but will take up less room in the closet than 2 bags in the sewing room. Toggles and a better seam finish at the collar are still needed. It is a pretty heavy coat to wear.
Dare to be Inspired Days had the first outing of the year. We went to Plac des Arts to the tapestry show, which was great, we also enjoyed the two other exhibits. We then went to Fabricana and followed it up with lunch.
I wore my new cardigan, Miss BB and it was reallly comfortable.
I did get to exercises a few times but made the mistake of putting on my runners, I thought that they would be better than the walking shoes I normally wear. Big mistake not enough padding in the toes. So I aggrevated my arthritis, strained the hips and back. Discovered I need to make adjustments to my hand position. So every thing now is feeling better, Must listen to the body!

2013 Week 3

THe sweater dress is finished. I haven’t been able to find a belt to wear with it yet but I am not sure that I need one either. The grey has a bluish cast so I wore navy tights with it. It sure makes a change from grocery shopping in jeans and it was nice to wear all evening as well. The trials and tribulations were mentioned in the last two posts.
Knitting: The socks are 3/4 done and They are a bit snugger that usual but I am still happy with the results. I am looking at the next projext, I think I should consider gloves with some of the new yarn.


Other things: THe exercise regime has begun, I hope it can become a habit going to the gym. So far we have walked to and from the gym as well. It sure was cold today with the fog, it seems to seep right into the bones.

The cleanup: I shoved some of the fabric into a large rubbermaid container. I also found a bunch of things, that I will attack again, one blouse and a coat both over 5 years in the heap and ready to be tackled again.

Week 2 in January

The Christmas stuff has now been put away in numbered boxes, here is hoping this new system works.
The weather has turned dry and cold so managed a few walks. Hubby and I have signed up for an assessment at the local rec centre.

Books, I added a link in my last post and spelled the author’s name correctly this time as well. I knew nothing about the Armenian diaspora in 1915. That book will stay with me a long time.
Next I read the Crossing Place by Elly Griffiths, a new detective series in England that I quite enjoyed.
Sewing: My sweater dress has been a series of errors and has needed some major problem solving.I started with the Plain and Simple T from Hot patterns. Extended it to the right length and cut the scoop neck. I took in the sides another few inches, so that part is better. The first collar I envisioned (folded over attractively) was a complete failure. Of course, I had already unpicked it out a couple of times before I gave up on that particular idea. That lovely zigzag just sank down into the knit so well. Yuck!
So I recut the collar, managed to get one side bigger than the other but hey, someday I will get good at this. This one I hope has an attractive cross over feature and it will be lovely to wear during these chilly days. I will get pictures tomorrow.

My commenters suggested fabric stash management ideas. I did go to OurSocialFabric last December with a friend and took a small stash donation but they had this great knit for a shirt for hubby so I bought home 3 yards at #2 a metre. The next sale is at the end of the month. Local manufacturers and donations from other sources, both trying to recycle and keep things out of the landfill. Lots of excited shoppers clutching their bags of goodies.

Knitting: I haven’t managed a good photo yet of hayride but I like the pattern with the slip stitch bands and seemed to have a brain freeze when it came to the short row heel but finally it is looking good.I am loving the new needles.

Some cousins had a 24 hour plane delay at the airport, so we picked them up from their hotel and drove to Steveston to look about for a while and had a cup of tea before taking them back to the hotel. It was a glorious sunny day.
Today we had a little snow.

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