bucket lists

I have always written lists and find that most of them start with I must get organized. I rarely write grocery lists but I think I have covered every other type of list. I think it is the crossing off of items I like the most. I have found old lists of sewing items made in a year, christmas lists for presents and cards.  But now all the talk is bucket lists.

When sailing a few years ago with friends, one quiet night we made the bucket list. Nine months had passed when the couple stayed with us again, and none of us had even looked at the list.  My husband thought it was time to get going, and immediately started planning a trip to Greece. A few months, later we were there.  The list gets pulled out now and then and it is amazing how many things have been accomplished and enjoyed. I think once it is written down, if the possiblitly comes up, you go for it.

Now no big trips are planned for the next year and we always seem to go through the list on each sailing vacation, so who knows what will be added this year.

Each hobby has an accompaning list.

I just bought a new book, The Knitters Life List,  my what a glorious lot of suggestions and ideas to contemplate. The one thing on my knitter’s list was making gloves this year.  There is a whole world of possiblity out there. 300 pages of types of yarn, designers, yarn dyers, sheep festivals, ideas for patterns.   Where ito find patterns and what ever else that you need.

This Saturday, I’ll be taking a silver smithing course,  with a friend.  It has been a decade since I did any of this, just been collecting supplies and tools in the meantime.

New neckwear

I am not meaning a new scarf, but jewellry. Stone necklaces do keep me warm though, I don’t know why.

I got a new bradelet from my oldest son, and like last year, he said to wear it as is or take it apart and do what you want. So last night I played and got so inspired, I worked on two necklaces. One with my new turqouise beads with different silver beads in between and it is to be finished off with a chain. I did buy the chain today. Now it is Tuesday night the chain is in place but I am considering adding another couple of pieces to finish it off.  Here it is in progress.

The other stones have been in my possession for three years or so, a fancy oval agate from Toronto and small round jasper beads. While rounding up my supplies for the first necklace, I found some small copper balls.  I am liking them both, now to finish them off.

Another in progress picture.

I also have some red coral , some blue dyed coral discs and a few other pieces that I puzzle over. I am sure the right bead will show up, but red and white isn’t doing it for me. It is just too much like a candy cane.

Change of plans

My friend picked me up fairly early so we could get to the Fraser Valley  bead show bright and early in Coquitlam. Imagine we were early for once, we got there about 10 and it didn’t open until 2 on Friday. We had the delicious problem what to do with our free time. We took off for a mall that we hadn’t visited but as we were passing through New Westminster, we saw a bead store. That was enough to stop us, it has been many years since I had shopped in New West.
But first we came upon a paper store called Paper poet, so we both spent a few bucks.  Paper is another ongoing passion. Then it was on to the bead shop Moody Beads, some lovely stuff in there as well and I got a few copper findings and a couple of beads that could fit a pandora style bracelet.

We went back to the bead show, still a little early but lots of time for an Apple tart and another pot of tea, even though we had just had lunch and tea at a new cafe and bistro in New West.

Well, the bead show didn’t disappoint, my friend headed for her favorite place to buy silver chains and findings. I went the more funky route. Lampwork beads are my favorite and one of my favorite artists was there from Caliente glass and I picked up some orphan beads from here.

Fire design beads were beautiful and I picked up some findings and beads for a pandora style bracelet.

My best find was the antique flowers from I Found Gallery in Vancouver, all of a sudden I had my direction for the doll that I will be making in a couple of weeks at Fibre in the Forest.  I was hoping for inspiration and I found it!

Dare to be inspired day #5

We have tried a few things over the last year and a half, so it was a bit of a challenge to figure out what to do this time around. We shorted up the time a bit and decided to do a show and tell, my fabric piece from a couple of weeks ago, someone brought their finished jewelry projects for inspiration, another person had been  to a workshop on transferring photos to fabric and showed us what that session was about and the last person showed her collage canvases.

Next time up we will do the collages, but for now, we wanted to get the finishing details on our jewelry and charm bracelets a little more professional. My vacation buddy led us through jump rings, crimps and eye  loops. It sounds easy but we all learned a few tricks that we hadn’t picked up from looking at videos and reading instructions.  I think most of us will be out picking up a few new and better tools.  We decided that we wanted to do our own  thing and not have any pressure about making charms for someone else.  I am so looking forward to the next meeting to see what everyone thinks up.

I wore my bracelet today and a couple of charms fell off, I was still in the house so I found the bits. Obviously a little more practice and care is needed. I bought some chains at Michael’s and wove them together. I wanted to use a variety of metals, so picked up some washers from the hardware store, used part of an old fastener from a coat tie,  a few new glass charms and some old silver ones from my stash.

Lots of room for more charms to add later.

From the sweatshop

My sewing studio upstairs feels like a sweatshop, it just holds the heat from the courtyard, so I have shut the shutters and hope it doesn’t get any warmer. The other reason it seems like a sweatshop is that it seems never ending because I keep working on the same project.
I have returned to the great coat sewalong from last year. The fabric has been laying out on my cutting table for 2 weeks now with no visible progress. I think I have now made a bit of progress, at least there is hope. I had laid out the pattern and was thread tracing the seam lines last September, when we put the house on the market and put my sewing in storage. I hated wearing my tight decades old coat last year and the goal is to wear it this year. So I checked it all out a couple of weeks ago and remembered that I’d need facings, that the coat needed lengthening by about 6 inches. So I measured and basted and there was no room for the collar pieces. So shortened everything by 2 inches and still not enough room. Thought about giving up several times. Last night, I decided to start over and laid out the pieces again, I think it will fit. So now 3 pieces have been thread traced and I am keeping crossing my fingers. I would really like to get it cut out by Monday as company comes on Tuesday.

I made a bracelet and necklace from the greenish beads that I picked up in Rome, it took quite a while to figure out what to put with them, I picked up the pendant at an Artist’s market on Thetis Island when we were sailing. IMG_0229

2 new necklaces

After wearing a coral necklace, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted a coral bracelet as well. I knew where most of my beads were but not my strands of beads or special beads. I looked in every box in the storage room, was pretty sure they weren’t in the off site storage and was starting to feel desperate. I was finally able to find it in my sewing room in one of the large boxes, that I had looked in several times but was always put off sorting it out. On top were a bunch of bottles of glues and paints that I didn’t know where to store. I was so excited to find my missing beads. I laid a towel out on a table and brought all my beads and findings and most of the tools downstairs.IMG_0160
I decided to work with some beads that my friend, Anne, had given me for arranging our Fabric Tour in Portland a couple of years back. They are the six big beads in the photo.IMG_0163
I only used beads in my stash, old puca shells, glass beads, African beads from my eldest son, other assorted beads and curved beads from an old necklace.
These necklaces seem to be a real departure from my usual style but they look fabulous on blue and now need to make a new top or two.

I am looking for one more thing, a rusted axe head, I think it is here someplace, I have an idea for a wall hanging and I want to rust fabric for it. Obviously, it is safely tucked away somewhere, but I’d like it to appear sometime soon.