Wee houses

A year ago, I received two ceramic mushrooms for the garden and I envisioned a fairy village. So I went and got 4 birdhouses from Michaels for about $1.50 each. I painted 3 of them up right away and for the past year, they have been on various shelves and counters in my sewing room.Just waiting to be finished. Other friends have rubber stamped, added flowers, and flowers to their creations. It just didn’t happen. Then I found I found another ceramic mushroom and suddenly the whole thing came together. I had set out the subdivision for the houses last year with a cement elephant ear sent from Ontario, a slab for rock from one of my holidays and some lovely other stones that had been found. I put small plants in that area as well.
I knew that I was going to use the moss and lichen that had been saved from making flower arrangements. I added some dried plant material that I had saved as possible doll materials. Now they are done. I think that the moss may seem tempting to the birds, for their own nests.






First week

The first week of January 2013. Started very slowly, taking life >easy. I am hoping to post a weekly update this year. I only did 30 posts last year and I don’t know if I can get the momentum and discipline needed to post that often but that will be my goal.

I gathered a lot of the ornaments from the tree onto the table, took down the tree. Still to be put away, all Christmas boxes need to be labelled. I have decided to use smaller boxes, so they will be easier to carry. The boxes will be numbered as well, 1 of 8 to 8 of 8. That way should work better.

I dragged (pulled Out) all the fabric that wasn’t on shelves in the sewing room and shoved them in the office on the floor. Until I make a decision, what to do with it. I had to clear out a space to see what was what. Something is going to have to go.
I cut out a sweater dress on Thursday night, and got it close to being finished for a party on the weekend. The collar had me stymied for a bit. But I think I have it solved now. The fabric came in a 10 yard bundle from FabricMart. I had bought a belt for it but no way did it work, so I am on the lookout for something else.

Knitting: I did get my cardigan together and just had to sew on the buttons since new years.
I also started a pair of socks,Christmas gifts new needles and yarn. Colour Hayride from Knitpicks and their latest needle offerings. I love the finish on the wood,silky feeling. I am using a slip stitch pattern to make socks for my self.

Reading: Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian.

Garden the Amaryllis is out! It is quite dramatic and called Charisma.

Celebrated a retirement in VIctoria, it was a lovely gathering. We had a great time. IMG_0862

Garden revamp.( Back Patio)

The other weekend, (a month ago) we attacked the garden again. I had bought a glass ball in Le Conner and strung it up in the trellis with copper tubing.  We moved plants, things were pretty root bound so dug out the offending stuff, added steer manure and moved and watered everything. Maybe they will grow next year. I love the blue glass and while not overly fond of my blue pots, I am sticking with the blue theme and repainting a bell jar lantern, 2 bugs and an elephant blanket.

So a few before and after pictures for you.  I just used my craft metallic paints, gave everything a scrub, got off the biggest hunks of rust and peeling paint. I think I got at least 8 years out of the last paint job. I doubt things will survive that long again.

The elephant was looking a little worse for wear. So I gave a very delicate look to the blanket. The colours on the rest of the elephant are just patina, glad it matches.

Hopefully it will look good next year with the folliage and a sprinkling of pink  and white flowers and leaves.  The magnolia was severely prunned and it exposed a clemantis which bloomed last year which we never saw.  It was way up in the tree in the opposite direction from the house.

Summer wrap Up 2 (July sail trips)

I was so fed up with our sailing experiences in July, I didn’t want to post at all. Thank goodness we had great sailing in August and September. Meanwhile, back to July-whenever we went out the weather was windy and often damp, if not rain, and quite chilly.

After being delayed with engine  troubles, we finally took off 2 days late, running out of time, we went to Blaine from Point Roberts. Not far, and we never stop in Blaine anymore comming back from the US. So we made the best  of our opportunity to look around and explore a few blocks of Blaine and the park next to the water.  I didn’t take many pictures but this shows the peace in the marina. Great dock by the way.

There are always birds. I took the picture of the Heron, thru one of the windows on the boat, and really cranked up the dial for a close up.

We did not fair much better the next time out and made it to Bellingham, it takes a few hours to get there by sailboat.   I had never been to Fairhaven, so this was my opportunity and the marina had a driver shuttle us there and back. Had a great time looking into stores, got some yarn and a lunch. Then back to the marina.

Big wide docks again and on shore  wonderful flower beds which I enjoyed.  I had a dead camera battery in Fairhaven, what a disappointment.  The weather was predicted to have a good rain for the next few days.  We opted for our own bed and the comforts of home as hubby wasn’t feeling that well.

The last time in July was Sushia Island.  A rough muddled  sea, getting there, I was sick  and we had  a tough time to get the mouring bouy  secured and we were there for the night. Grey, windy and everyone staying inside, Lots of waves. Morning it did not look better,  we went home.

On the way home on July 23.

Weekend surprize.

My hubby had a meeting last weekend in Sooke,  on the island. It has been decades since I had been in that areea of the island. It is a beautiful harbour.

I beetled off and went in a few shops in Langford, had lunch etc.  I was told that there was a quilt show in Victoria, just a few blocks from where we waere staying.  So Sunday morning, I went off and had a look. The merchants mall had sosme great stuff, I bought a few things. Had a quick look at the quilts, which were wonrerful. as my hubby was in the car waiting for me.  I spent quite a while looking at the cloth doll display from the Cloth-a-dolics in Victora. They are certainly a group of fine artists.

The blossoms were out in Victoria.

The weather has had a little bit of everything except warmth this week. So snow a couple of times, some hail, lots of blustery wind, plenty of rain, some incredible sunshine.

But my Lenten roses continue to bloom, including the dark one, name unknown, which is blooming for the first time this year. I have been waiting through 3 winters to see it.  The primulas have been at the garden stores since before the New year but the ranunculus are new this week.

This one is really a dark purple.

I popped into the library for a look yesterday and found another new gluten free book.

The Itolerant Gournet:: Glorious Food without Gluen and Lactose by Barbara Kafka. I ordered it from Amazon this afternoon.

Bright spot on a grey day

It is so dark, rainy and gloomy today. Bright is not in my vocabulary today.

There is a bright spot in the garden, with winter blooms of the Hellebores. I am lucky I can see it from the couch.

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