What’s your hang up? GPP #46

The crusade this month from Michelle Ward is about hanging up your art under glass.

I have a lot of my art work on display but none is behind glass at the present time. I used to have original needlepoint, 3-D fabric pieces etc framed and hung in my other house but now, they just don’t seem to work with my current colour scheme. I used to get inspired by a topic or colour and then found there was really no where on the main floor that they worked well.

Maybe, I am just more comfortable with fabric and thread, rather than paper, ink and drawing. I am working at correcting that. There will be some seasonal Christmas pieces that will be put on display in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I have these and a few other things on display.

It is the 30th of November and I am just squeezing in under the deadline, (I see the deadline has been extended) but I have framed a piece from last month and have it hung in the ensuite. I am quite pleased.

Home from vgfa retreat

A week without cooking was a treat for me and it was great to spend so much time on one project. The doll isn’t finished yet, I might still do another set of hands, making her satin shoes with leather soles is killing my finger tips, it does help when I put on my thimble.  I glued them on the other night, not happy, I ripped them off. Now I am having a rethink, I want to put sequins on her shoes. Her cloak is still being sewn, I have overlaid organza over a striped satin fabric and am now adding extra rows of machine stitching on top of the organza. I am not sure about the inside of the fabric, it will show and I am thinking I need a lining, so it won’t match the sleeves.

Akira Blount’s class was wonderful, I hadn’t sculpted a head out of knit fabric before, it then had to be stiffened and a gauze applied over the top, the same with the hands.  We made our own patterns, so we ended up with a size that we liked to work on.   No stress, and I think a few more days of work are needed yet.

Her name is Constance Louisa after my grandma’s. She is Edwardian, a dear old soul, who thinks she is the guardian of the flowers and likes to wander in the garden at all times of the day or night.  She has a serene look and thinks the flowers have had a good year and is sad to see that they are fading.  She is fading herself but that doesn’t bother her as much.

She is not ready for her photo shoot yet but here are a few details.

Doll Retreat

Starting Easter Sunday, I will be at a Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts retreat. The retreat is north of Maple Ridge in the valley and is at the Loon lake ubc  research site. I am taking a doll making course with Akria Blount,she does some lovely work, I have seen her dvd and I am quite excited to attend. Seven members of our doll group are attending the five day course.  The 40th  anniversary dinner of the guild is on Saturday night.

After finding the metal flower shapes, I finally had my inspiration.  I am thinking an older woman, a faded beauty, the keeper of the flowers. I had a couple of other pieces of metal found objects and I’ll take them along as well. Now I am gathering the rest of the materials. I have tea dyed my fabrics and I think I’ll take some silk as well as the recommended cottons. Just need to locate the fibres for her hair. (She’ll be a faded red head)

I am nearly ready to go, 2 sewing machines, a pile of bedding, one bag of snacks, one huge rubbermaid container of doll stuff,  and a large suitcase of clothes and necessities.

Change of plans

My friend picked me up fairly early so we could get to the Fraser Valley  bead show bright and early in Coquitlam. Imagine we were early for once, we got there about 10 and it didn’t open until 2 on Friday. We had the delicious problem what to do with our free time. We took off for a mall that we hadn’t visited but as we were passing through New Westminster, we saw a bead store. That was enough to stop us, it has been many years since I had shopped in New West.
But first we came upon a paper store called Paper poet, so we both spent a few bucks.  Paper is another ongoing passion. Then it was on to the bead shop Moody Beads, some lovely stuff in there as well and I got a few copper findings and a couple of beads that could fit a pandora style bracelet.

We went back to the bead show, still a little early but lots of time for an Apple tart and another pot of tea, even though we had just had lunch and tea at a new cafe and bistro in New West.

Well, the bead show didn’t disappoint, my friend headed for her favorite place to buy silver chains and findings. I went the more funky route. Lampwork beads are my favorite and one of my favorite artists was there from Caliente glass and I picked up some orphan beads from here.

Fire design beads were beautiful and I picked up some findings and beads for a pandora style bracelet.

My best find was the antique flowers from I Found Gallery in Vancouver, all of a sudden I had my direction for the doll that I will be making in a couple of weeks at Fibre in the Forest.  I was hoping for inspiration and I found it!

doll photos

This is Marjorie; my own design, batik fabric, angelina fibers, dyed doily. 
and a closeup


She was made last year.