Mind Games

This month’s crusade, #54, from Michelle Ward, for the GPP Street team is Mind Games.  We were to come up with a word or phrase  and then mix a colour that  matched. I didn’t do the last 2 crusades so it was time to get started again.

We were off on the boat with my very limited colour palette, what fun to contemplate. I was reading a mystery,  The Anodyne Necklace by Martha Grimes- she describes a twin set  (pullover and cardigan) the colour of drabbit.  Not a flattering description by any means but fascinating to think what it might be like and certainly – some people might think rather attractive on the right person. I think several faded, dull mixtures might be just right.

I was working on a course by Suzi Blu and had forgotten some pencil crayons for hair, so set about with my acrylics to come up with something for my little dolls. I also saw a boat named Syrene and so I gave that a try as well. I saw a few more boat names that might be good to try Avalon Sunset, Pondalay, Georgia Dawn and Sea Shadow.

Here are my attempts:























Thanks,  Michelle, for posting this challenge.


Crusade number 51

Michelle Ward continues with her latest series of crusades with evidence of our houses, called Home Sweet Home. I decided to tie it in with project spectrum as well, so I did use the red for May. I decided to work with house numbers, I have quite often kept records of colour schemes, room demensions, garden layouts etc but house  numbers seemed the way to go, especially after I found the paper with numbers on it. So I just included numbers of the  houses we owned.

After cutting the paper to fit the envelope again, I scraped on a coat of gesso and then got out a stensil. I used an old marker to do the outlines, then red  and black crayons to fill in and outline the numbers. I painted in the backgrouns with some craft paint. Then added some dull gold over the yellow, added some blue textile paint over the peridot.  The red was looking a little dull, so went over it again with some red fluid acrylic.  That made it pop.

I think it needs something else, I just added the details of the crusade challenge to the page.

Once again it was fun to join other artists online. So thanks, Michelle, for putting this out there for us. I haven’t read the posts from other artists, for the last 2 crusades, so I’ll be visiting the other artists and leaving comments. I can’t wait to see what they have done.

Crusade #50

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is the title of the latest crusade by Michelle Ward. Once again she has made us a sheet of tags and suggestions that we can use if we want. It didn’t have to deal with doom and gloom, as you might think.


Something might be broken, need fixing or someone might need medical care.

Maybe it is not so serious!  I thought that I’d approach it with a bit of humour. Cooking not an emergency, when it can be solved with reservations.  Maybe it is all the roots that need recolouring, or that one is desperate for a new haircut.  Sometimes it is a re- alignment for me from the physiotherapist. ( I went to two different ones last week!)

Sometimes I just want to talk, go shopping with someone, or just need an answer for the latest question. The internet can answer that latest query.

Once again, I used an old envelope as a base, thought I’d add some colour this time. I loved doing the tags and envelopes last time, so have done that again.

Forensic Self Portrait.

This month over at Green Pepper Press, the crusade street team with challenged with doing a forensic self portrait. There was even a sheet of printouts that we could use on our page. I like my privacy, and wasn’t about to put out any particulars. I also found the whole thing depressing, too many sick people around me.

I went and looked at what others were doing, and suddenly I was uplifted, with the bright and imaginative approaches to the subject.

Mine all began with my mannequin, Milady, from yesterday’s post.  So she was my backgound, glued to another old envelope. From that beginning, I had lots of fun, journalling about my hobbies.  I couldn’t fit them all on one page but I’ll save some for another day.

So thanks again, to Michelle, for putting this crusade out there. I loved doing it.

Been There, Done That#48

It’s crusade time again, and although I had saved a few things from my vacation with the idea of evidence, I didn’t get it together until the other day. I had a virus head thing that just sapped the energy out of me. Been there, Done that is the latest evidence journalling challenge from Michelle Ward. I didn’t use any photos from the trip, I haven’t printed any of them yet.

This is the first time that I have run tissue paper through my Xyron create a sticker and after seeing all the tissue tape, I thought I’d try my own. I was quite pleased with the results and will definitely be using my own tissue papers again to make things more personalized.

I have kept journals on most vacations and usually record destinations, time travelled, cost, gas, food etc and lately I carry a glue stick as well and immediately glue in memribillia. I quite often draw, mostly ideas for clothing, or thoughts on making a doll, or some times a knitting graph makes an appearance.

So I have a few more ideas for evidence roaming around in my head, knitting projects for a year, types of scotch or wine, made a clothing,(fabric and pattern). I wonder if I’ll manage to come up with any of those.

Thanks, Michelle for inspiring me.

GPP Crusade #47

It’s a Wrap, isn’t that a great title for the latest crusade #47 at Green Pepper Press?  This time it is about gathering  evidence from Christmas. We were to document papers, gift wrap, cards, lists, memorabilia.

I usually reuse the same bags and fabric wrappers to wrap my Chriatmas gifts each year. This year it was unlabelled as well. I grouped each persons’ gifts together in a pile. 

But I did save a couple of things this year, so I was able to take part in the challenge.

I had a couple of neat papers and an envelope that I didn’t want to throw out. The joke from a cracker, a couple of stickers, part of a paper napkin, a little ribbon and  went to work. I had a large used envelope and glued the materials down with matte medium, the envelope could still hold other memoribilia of 2010.

Thanks Michelle, I so look forward to the challenge each month.

Renovation done.

The bathroom renovation is complete. Not quite done with the accessories, still need a picture or two, something for the shelf but otherwise complete.

It is clean and sleek looking with warm touches brought in with the towels and floor.

So now for the before and after shots.

The shower stall:

The counter and sinks:

The tub:

The mirrors and lights:

Maria came and selected the wall and cabinet colour: Benjamin Moore CC490 Stone Hearth for the walls, and CC53 Horizon for the cabinets. Some of my own artwork went up on the wall, it was posted here.  I bought rust towels and I alternate them with a warm turquoise ones. 

We love the new look.

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