Wee houses

A year ago, I received two ceramic mushrooms for the garden and I envisioned a fairy village. So I went and got 4 birdhouses from Michaels for about $1.50 each. I painted 3 of them up right away and for the past year, they have been on various shelves and counters in my sewing room.Just waiting to be finished. Other friends have rubber stamped, added flowers, and flowers to their creations. It just didn’t happen. Then I found I found another ceramic mushroom and suddenly the whole thing came together. I had set out the subdivision for the houses last year with a cement elephant ear sent from Ontario, a slab for rock from one of my holidays and some lovely other stones that had been found. I put small plants in that area as well.
I knew that I was going to use the moss and lichen that had been saved from making flower arrangements. I added some dried plant material that I had saved as possible doll materials. Now they are done. I think that the moss may seem tempting to the birds, for their own nests.