As the holiday season winds done, I am all ready to tidy up put things away. I clean out the fridge, make soup, rearrange cupoards, make lists, put away the Christmas stuff and start to make plans.

A new year gets me excited, I guess in some ways I like to get back into some sort of routine. When you are retired it is easy to just mill about but you can miss out on too much if you don’t make plans for something. September gets me geared up as well, usually in regards to the countdown for Christmas.

Last year, I enjoyed the challenge of the crusades and my online art class with Suzi Blue. So I want to consider doing those again but  I’ll up it a notch or two and try doing the arte journal this year.  Project yarnway on ravelry, more of a failed attempt than anything but I did discover that I enjoy making socks and working out simple patterns for meyself. Sewing I really didn’t follow through very well with that idea, I wonder why because I still love fabric and thread.  Doll making has been very limited and I think will continue at a slow pace of one or two dolls a year.  I bought tools for jewellry making and I will work on a few more items this year.

My word last year was awareness, I tried but truly ate too much( I was aware of what I was doing (that didn’t stop me)) I walked more, discovered lots of things on my walks.  Started reading more again. I am trying to use up and recycle what I have.

I think my word for next year will be “Connection”. I have always like the connections between people, places and things.  I have always like the idea of working with themes.  So it will be interesting to see where the connections lead me.  If project spectrum runs thhis year, there was a year off last year, it will be fun to join it to a crusade or arte journal post as well.