Mind Games

This month’s crusade, #54, from Michelle Ward, for the GPP Street team is Mind Games.  We were to come up with a word or phrase  and then mix a colour that  matched. I didn’t do the last 2 crusades so it was time to get started again.

We were off on the boat with my very limited colour palette, what fun to contemplate. I was reading a mystery,  The Anodyne Necklace by Martha Grimes- she describes a twin set  (pullover and cardigan) the colour of drabbit.  Not a flattering description by any means but fascinating to think what it might be like and certainly – some people might think rather attractive on the right person. I think several faded, dull mixtures might be just right.

I was working on a course by Suzi Blu and had forgotten some pencil crayons for hair, so set about with my acrylics to come up with something for my little dolls. I also saw a boat named Syrene and so I gave that a try as well. I saw a few more boat names that might be good to try Avalon Sunset, Pondalay, Georgia Dawn and Sea Shadow.

Here are my attempts:























Thanks,  Michelle, for posting this challenge.


Renovation done.

The bathroom renovation is complete. Not quite done with the accessories, still need a picture or two, something for the shelf but otherwise complete.

It is clean and sleek looking with warm touches brought in with the towels and floor.

So now for the before and after shots.

The shower stall:

The counter and sinks:

The tub:

The mirrors and lights:

Maria came and selected the wall and cabinet colour: Benjamin Moore CC490 Stone Hearth for the walls, and CC53 Horizon for the cabinets. Some of my own artwork went up on the wall, it was posted here.  I bought rust towels and I alternate them with a warm turquoise ones. 

We love the new look.

Home improvements.

The painting is nearly done. downstairs is painted, it is lovely and I finally feel the colour is right for us.

My hubby is putting the downstairs powder room back together with a new vanity, sink and accessories. We have to buy the new light and mirror yet as well.  Then to rehang draperies, pictures etc and it will look like a whole new place.

I’ll post some pictures after the place is back together, some accessories are needed.  I am so happy, this townhouse finally fits us. Every room feels just right.

The colour in the hall way and stair well, is boardwalk(BMcc41o) This was my favorite colour in the crayon box when I was growing up. My sister always seemed to have it. I guess it was closest to my hair colour, sort of golden ochre.

New Paint

Tomorrow the painter comes to do the downstairs, hallway and stairs and the master bedroom. I am so excited.
I was confused about colour and where to begin, and had read a ton of books, looked at magazines etc and still none the wiser.
I called Maria from Colour Me Happy.  I loved reading her blog. The consultation was so much fun, the colours are me. The colour flow, from room to room, is wonderful and I just can’t wait to see the transformation.

Maria linked to my blog,  mentioning the peach colour in my studio/craft room.  That colour is being repeated again in my kitchen. Goodbye blah beige.

Right now the powder room has been dismantled, walls and holes have been filled and patched and sanded.  We are in the mess stage. It seems like every time I want to move, there is a ladder, tools or something else in the way.

I went shopping today, got a new lamp for the dining room, cushion forms to cover to match a chair. I couldn’t get the curtain rod I wanted, so I am still on the hunt for it.