Sometimes you find treasures.

We had a few days up in the Okanagan and in Penticton I visited the thrift store.I found 2 old Butterick transfer patterns for cutwork. I have been wanting to add something extra in the way of lace to a linen top, it may not get done for an upcoming trip but now I have a starting point. It is a long time since I have done any serious needlework, so I would have to practise first to make sure I could get my stitches even, and besides I have done hardanger embroidery so there are some similarities. Only 1 of the designs is missing.

There was a Kwik sew pattern for Toddler boys, I got the grandsons and a whole whack of denim in the stash. It is too dark for me.

I don’t usually go for old sewing books but I couldn’t resist this one, published about the time my mother got her featherweight singer. So just a bit of nostalgia. I love the part where it suggests that you go done to the store each season to get measured by the Singer instructor and on your final fitting to go in for final appraisal. The Singer Dressmaking Guide originally 25 cents.

So I got the whole lot for $1.00. IMG_2453


Fascinators, Canada Day hats

Don’t you just love that name? I have been fascinated with them for years but didn’t have the need for one. Vancouver is such a laid back city, and hats are rare and always noticed.

After reading about making them online, I dedided to make some to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. Royalty is visiting Canada but not our province, so really thought party hats should be part of the celebrations this year.

I have made 6, just using what I had at home. Tulle, netting, pipe cleaners, some weird paper string stuff, some sequin waste,  a few paper flowers, and some sequin flowers.  I used white tacky glue and then decided that staples was easier.  Felt is next to the hair.

I hope my neighbours  have as much fun wearing these as I had making them.

Getting ready for Christmas

The carpet is in and the room looks big until I try to put my stuff away. The bookcases are in and I want my stuff better organized, so most of it is in a different location. My lighting is terrible in this space, so I told dh, I would be thrilled with an overhead light. I overheard him talking about it with an electrician and so I think I may actually get it some day. I swear the builders just do things the easiest way, without thinking on how the room may be used. The switch on the wall works a lonely plug in the corner, behind a door, not convenient to anything.
I am making headway but there is still a lot to be done.
There is a small pile of books that will be given away.

Friday night, things are nearly all sorted out, just not quite in the right place yet.

I am a great procrastinator, so far I have gone through the Christmas boxes and have set up my kitchen window with my sheep collection, I love looking at them in this location and this house has a north facing window just like the old house. Rowanberrystudio, started me off with that collection many years ago. It is up to 27 now. Friends and family have all given me sheep over the years. It is so much fun to get them out each year.