good intentions

I love reading about all the new challenges that  are being posted for the new year. I am oh so tempted.

A nephew came by the other day and helped me with Instagram. I guess I can post from the camera roll on my laptop,   I managed to get my first photo up. Talk about baby steps, at least it is progress.

I packed up the Christmas decorations.

I spend too much time on Netflix and reading posts about plans. In reality, I just like to dream.

So I have joined the 2018 Ready to wear Fast on Goodbye Valentino, Sara is hosting 1029 people in this challenge and it will give me incentive to post to Instagram.   I  am seriously considering the challenge from Bra Makers Supply as well. A new Challenge per month and the one for January is the colour of the year Ultra Violet.

Introducing ultra violet to my unmentionable drawer is a real  leap. but then I dream of that dye pot. Just maybe, I  can do it.


Gluten free and loving it.

It is nearly the end of February and  knitting slowly progresses. Sewing is more or less at a standstill. I have been mainly thinking bout my food.

Both my hubby and I are currently on gluten free diets. I am feeling better, so I will continue for quite awhile yet and I have been able to reduce some of my medication for my IBS.  So my life is adjusting to a new style of baking and buying of gluten free fours. I have one cookbook and am thinking of getting one more. The internet is a good source of receipes as well.  The hardest part is finding which store has which product and I ventured to a Choices on the weekend to pick up sorghum flour. The rest I was able to find on the north shore.  I have added a couple of other things to the mix, namely, dairy and egg free as well.

So I make up the pre mixes for  baking or bread or cake, and then go from there on the day  I cook. I seem to develop a fine film of dust everywhere as I measure and sift. The egg replacer is another dusty little mix.  Things have all turned out OK, but need a little refining as I come up with a better sized pan, a different rack in the oven etc. Some batters are runny and others so dry, it feels like a guessing game. I made orange pecan cookies last night. They are quite good.

fabric swatch exchange

A few months ago, I decided to be brave and send my 9×9 inch squares of fabric, that I had dyed, discharged with bleach, over dyed, and the rubber stamped with my own design to Cloth, Paper Scissors.

I got my exchanged pieces back in the mail. One from Austrailia and one from New York. The others didn’t have from where they were sent. I haven’t been able to get in touch by all of them by email either. 200 artists took part and I love the pieces that I have receivved.

One of the 9(?) pieces that I sent into the challenge.

I had a tough job getting accurate colour, in fact the paper in the background is white!

Here are the pieces I received in the exchange.

Crusade #45 Back to Back

Michelle’s latest crusade called Back to Back, uses the papers we made last month that we scraped paint with a credit card. So first it was to copy our papers a couple of times and then use these backgrounds in different ways.

Since we have a scanner, I thought no problem, I’ll just scan and print. After a frustrating hour or so and playing with 2 printers,  and 3 colour programs. I had several sheets of coloured paper that bore little resemblance  to the originals. I went off to the local printer a couple of blocks away. I had my new copies that actually matched the originals.

Here is the range of papers, I made, along side the originals.

So in the end, I played with the copies that I had made that didn’t match the originals.

Woven with doodles added.

This page just strips of one page over the other with ink added at the edges.

The pages with red and green, remind me of spawing salmon swimming up river. Here is some information about the salmon returning to the Adams River. I played with using a mask , drew fish, and wrote about salmon.

There are still more pages to play with at a later date. Thanks Michelle, for hosting the crusade again. I love looking at the posts by other bloggers on each crusade and feel now like I am visiting old friends.  Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog, I love the feedback and appreciate your visits.

Vogue 8636

There are now two sewing groups in the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts,( there are also 2 knitting groups as well.  I belong to the Sew and Sews.  At the  Guild Christmas party, there is usually display from all the groups. This year the challenge for the sewers is a Marcy Tilton pattern from Vogue 8636.

I am using one of my new mesh knits, it’s pretty wild with words, which include Promise, knitting and bathing suits are for beauty pagents.  It is also a great combination of colours for my wardrobe, a I can see it with jeans as well as other solid colours.

 I am not a big fan of raglans, I took in my normal depth adjustment in the upper chest and arm, and I probably didn’t need to do it with this pattern. It is not too tight or binding because of the knit but next time, I will use the pattern straight out of the envelope.  Well, except for one thing, I lowered the front neckline one inch. Quite a few pulling lines, still have some work on this pattern, although it could also be the light weight of the fabric combined with my adjustments.

In a Scrape GPP Crusade #44

It is getting down to the due date again, and finally I got my act together.  This crusade was all about laying down paint on a page without a brush, just using an old credit card or scraper.

I have a limited number of paints and I pulled out some favorites, peridot and purple and what a dreary mess that created. It was metalllic but oh so bad. I had done this method before and I thought I was quite successful but obviously, I needed to reread the instructions.

So today, (Saturday) I took those dreary papers and put down some white gesso first. This time I had a spatula handy and some childrens crayola paints. I am much happier with the results.You can still see some of the old paint in the background and some of the glitter paint I used shows as well, although my camera can’t capture it.  My computer has been in the shop. So couldn’t upload the post until today.

Once again, I thank Michelle for making a crusade for us to play with, anyone can join in at any time.  After last month, with the text messaging crusade, I find my self cutting out words to keep for another project.

GPP Crusade #43

One again, I have decided to do the crusade by Michelle Ward. Text messaging didn’t sound hard, but I struggled with this one. We were to cut out text from magazines and arrange in a composition.  I had a couple of magazines  and decided to use a fashion magazine. I had been looking at the faces trying to see the shadows and tring to figure out how to draw for my other course which I take online.  I pulled quite a few pieces of text from the magazine which appealed to me. I knew it was a shallow magazine but until  you see it spread out in front of you, you don’t realize how bad it is.  Is this the image I want to put out there? So I thought about the other magazines I had with me, one from the liquor store, which is full of great food receipes and wonderful colour pictures and a Good Housekeeping which was all domesticated.  None of these things truly speak of me either, I need a whole raft of magazines to say who I am! I am not cutting up my craft, sewing or knitting mags.

Maybe, I am taking this too seriously, I should just glue it down and get on with it. Maybe I should do more than one, each from a different magazine and see how varied I should make the project.  I wallowed for days.

I thought about the words , fashion bible, style bible, food bible and how loosely the word bible is used these days compared to the past, when bible  referred to one book only.

So both bibles (it was an old Bible wwith the cover falling offf) were used, it became more of a statement, than I usually make.  I used matte medium to glue it all down and thus it is wrinkly.


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