Week 2 in January

The Christmas stuff has now been put away in numbered boxes, here is hoping this new system works.
The weather has turned dry and cold so managed a few walks. Hubby and I have signed up for an assessment at the local rec centre.

Books, I added a link in my last post and spelled the author’s name correctly this time as well. I knew nothing about the Armenian diaspora in 1915. That book will stay with me a long time.
Next I read the Crossing Place by Elly Griffiths, a new detective series in England that I quite enjoyed.
Sewing: My sweater dress has been a series of errors and has needed some major problem solving.I started with the Plain and Simple T from Hot patterns. Extended it to the right length and cut the scoop neck. I took in the sides another few inches, so that part is better. The first collar I envisioned (folded over attractively) was a complete failure. Of course, I had already unpicked it out a couple of times before I gave up on that particular idea. That lovely zigzag just sank down into the knit so well. Yuck!
So I recut the collar, managed to get one side bigger than the other but hey, someday I will get good at this. This one I hope has an attractive cross over feature and it will be lovely to wear during these chilly days. I will get pictures tomorrow.

My commenters suggested fabric stash management ideas. I did go to OurSocialFabric last December with a friend and took a small stash donation but they had this great knit for a shirt for hubby so I bought home 3 yards at #2 a metre. The next sale is at the end of the month. Local manufacturers and donations from other sources, both trying to recycle and keep things out of the landfill. Lots of excited shoppers clutching their bags of goodies.

Knitting: I haven’t managed a good photo yet of hayride but I like the pattern with the slip stitch bands and seemed to have a brain freeze when it came to the short row heel but finally it is looking good.I am loving the new needles.

Some cousins had a 24 hour plane delay at the airport, so we picked them up from their hotel and drove to Steveston to look about for a while and had a cup of tea before taking them back to the hotel. It was a glorious sunny day.
Today we had a little snow.

Update on my Kobo

Every time I find out something new that my Kobo Vox can do, I am quite delighted. So lately, I downloaded my first magazine, it was free and I decided on a food magazine. I have be connected to wi-Fi so it is no good to read on the plane, that was mostly what I wanted it for.  But it is easy to navigate.

Now I play scrabble with my son, surf you-tube videos, go to facebook, read the news, get my library books on line even when I’m in a different city, go to Ravelry.  I haven’t managed to post to ravelry yet from it.  I sure like just touching the screen, I was never any good with the mouse on the notebook  or laptop.

I have read a lot this year. Over 30 books on the reader and some hardcovers as well.  Knitting books I find a little cumbersome, as with cook books, maybe it is just me, unable to flip back and forth bothers me. I can quickly tell if it is a book worth reading in hardcover. I have read a ton of mysteries, discovered new detctives and writers. I have read excellent books on China, Afghanistan, and India.

Some of my favorites have been:

The Girl from Junchow by Kate Furnivall.

Miss chopsticks by Esther Tyldesley.

Whirlpool by Jane Urquhart.

Sister Queens by Julie Hale.

Lady in Gold by Anne Marie O’Connor.

Ape House by Sara Gruen.

Letters to my Daughter(s) by Fawzia Koofi.

Sideways on a Scooter by Miranda Kennedy.

The weather has had a little bit of everything except warmth this week. So snow a couple of times, some hail, lots of blustery wind, plenty of rain, some incredible sunshine.

But my Lenten roses continue to bloom, including the dark one, name unknown, which is blooming for the first time this year. I have been waiting through 3 winters to see it.  The primulas have been at the garden stores since before the New year but the ranunculus are new this week.

This one is really a dark purple.

I popped into the library for a look yesterday and found another new gluten free book.

The Itolerant Gournet:: Glorious Food without Gluen and Lactose by Barbara Kafka. I ordered it from Amazon this afternoon.


I received a Kobo Vox for Christmas. I haven’t been using the browser except to borrow ebooks from the library. I think I have figured out the process now, although I still like my DH to stand by incase I have forgotten some step.

I am not sure that I like the search for a book on line, I am keeping a list of what I read this year, although I won’t be writing any book reviews, just too much like school, I just rate them by the star system.  I usually just scroll through the available books rather than putting a hold on a more popular book. Even some cookbooks have a lot of readers wanting to peek inside the covers.  It is neat to get an email saying the book is waiting for you. It is easy to return them as well.

I find cook books pretty cumbersome so far, maybe there is a trick I am not using yet or haven’t found out about. I don’t like to scroll through the list of receipes each time, I’d like to just go to a section but if my finger scroll technique falters, I am back at the beginning of the list again.  One thing though is I can see what the receipes are like, I have been exploring a gluten free diet for the past 2 months. So I am looking for  a book that isn’t heavy on dairy or eggs as well. I am feeling so much better but I only want a couple of books, so I am trying to figure out what to buy.

The cost of a cover is too much for me to justify. I really just need something, while it is in my carry on when I travel. I like a really light purse, so I won’t be carrying it on a daily basis.

I got out some fabrics from the stash to see what I could make but then I recieved a small quilted bag, which will work just fine, so for now I can get on with regular sewing.

Tonight on line, I notice one will be able to get magazines on line from the library as well, although there may be a price involved with zinio but there is a lot of choice and it might be a good idea when I travel and like to have a new magazine with me. They have Knitter’s  available which has been removed from the library shelves.

Fashion details

Here is something similar to the book of fashion that I got at Barnes  and Noble in the bargain books. Mine was printed in 2006  by Taschen. 734 pages of wonderous fashion from the 18th to 20th century.  I am loving all the details. It weighs 6 pounds! I have always loved books with rich fabric and details. Early 20th century is my favorite fashions, but I am glad that I don’t have to wear it. Or look after it.

Here are a few photos.

Bookshelf additions

Oh, the lure of a new book has got  to me again. One I had checked out at the library first, Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting. Lots of good information, I am thinking of trying a few new to me techniques. I like quite a few of the patterns as well.

Next up, another knitting book. Sock Yarn One-Skien Wonders, sock yarn is escaping out of the two drawers in which it resides.  So any help in this department is a good thing. There are even socks in the book, I’d like to try, along with some scarves, and other goodies.

I was in Pacific Fabrics in Bremerton, Wa, and found Making Vintage Accessories by emma brennan, purses and hats from the twenties to the sixties, all with appropriate female names of the decade.  The purses intrigue me.

A bit of a surprise

I used to wander through the library and pick out books. I probably took no longer than 15 minutes. That was when I went by car and took out 6 or 8 books at a time. Back then the time limit was 4 weeks. Then the lending time shrank to 3 weeks.  I couldn’t get through everything so I cut back on a couple of books.

The newest books had a 2 week loan date and then some books had a quick read label for 7 days with no renewal. Some books were only half read as the fines mounted quickly at 50 cents a day.

Since moving to with in a couple of blocks from the library, it is just easier to stop in and take a look  on nearly  every walk.  I found myself checking out the magazines, having a read of the newest ones before I went back home. I usually just found myself in the new book, section  and recommended reads on the main floor.

Now I get even lazier some days, I online search the newest books. I reserve a few, then just wander by the library and see if any books are on the hold shelf for me. I ususally forget what I have requested, so it is a surprise what the next read will be.

I requested a few the other night, I wonder what will be waiting today.

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