So long

I will be closing my blog. The last few years, I have struggled to get photos and content together, let along posting as well.

I have been sewing and exercising, and enjoying life and that is all I need.

I have enjoyed meeting other bloggers. I will still be on Artisan square as Rosemary. I will post any updates over on that site.


October woes

Last month was a blur, there was a thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday. But on the Tuesday, I started to have a series of nosebleeds. It took several days to get  them under control, with various types of packing. It was a posterior bleed which would have required a general anesthetic to cauterise the blood vessel. Due to previous health issues, the surgeon wanted to avoid that. So it was a week in hospital, with a headache and hooked up to monitors. So it is iron pills for me and hopefully I get my energy back over the next few weeks.

Then hubby needed to be hospitalized for dehydration. So hopefully the hospital visits are behind us.

We are looking forward to celebrating 45 years of marriage next weekend , having dinner out with friends and family.

I hope to blog more I had a series of posts written but life just got in the way of uploading them to the blog.

a change of pace


I was fed up with sewing. So I needed to do something else on October 1 and I wanted to make a felt bowl container but thought that I should practise before October 2 when I was going to knit city in Vancouver.

I am not sure sure that I have enough fleece for a larger container and in case I need to buy more stuff. I watched a couple of you tube tutorials and went ahead with trying my first bowl. I found a selection of fleece that I had from a decade ago and dove in.

My hands have appreciated all the lanolin and olive oil soap, my wrists, shoulders and back need some  TLC.(heating pad and rest) I had forgot how much repetition is needed at each step in the process.I was also stronger and a lot younger when I last did felting.

I did buy a sheer  curtain today to work on and I found a piece of fun foam and cut  a circle to use as a resist. I need to buy a better quality of prepared fleece for the next  one, after I recover.

I probably quit too early in the process but  have a container shaped vessel, so some success but I will need to needle felt some of the loose bits, maybe give it a shave and put  some beads on it. The finished container, orange and green over blue.

Only a small amount of fluff came off during the shave and only pokedd myself once with my felting needles.  It would be classified as a soft felt.






On Saturday, I went to Penticton to see the felt-feutre canada conference exhibits.If you go to the site photos from the fashion show  are up to view.

It was a perfect day in Penticton and the exhibit was wonderful. wall hangings, clothing,  dresses and hats, vests and jackets, some purses as well. Art work for the home, pieces that hung from the ceiling, carpets on the floor, vessels and containers. fish and butterflies anf birds.

All the most wonderful colours. My pictures are not great but I do have a few photos that I will share but I don’t know the artists names. I had taken a class in nuno felting from Rene Corder Evans about 15-20 years ago. I loved this dress with the waist shaping details, the beading and the bust ruffle were great.



I also saw  Fiona Duthie, an artist that I have admired  for years. This is her dress with the hood collar and the other side was lighter in colour like a reverse fabric.





These playful sculptures were great and by Andrea  Graham. I wanted t to buy the programme but I couldn’t find them or anyone to pay for it.



I did  go to the vendors mall and got some wonderful fleece and some dye.

closet redo

The clear out of excess has begun–I’ve been through the whole closet–so at least I  now know what is in there now. I even ended up with some hanging space now.

The biggest problem is the old photo albums, about 20 from before 2001, the rest are mostly digital but I still need  a better of organising  them as well. This will have to wait for another time.

This is the first go through of the closets and when the first lot is done, I will have to go through it again at a deeper level.




Making a list

This is post 500, it has taken me nearly 11 years to accomplish this.  Three different blog hosts, all are now transferred to this site. Fabricfan is short for fabric fanatic.

I have always had a tough time with the posting of photos, and have tried different things, I have used a regular desktop computer, an I pad and now a Microsoft surface. There has been a variety of cameras involved as well. Most of my crafts have been documented. A few vacations have been written about as well. I have been finding it easier to post them lately.

Not too much family stuff, most of them don’t want to be on the blog.

On Wed, this week, we went to Victoria, for the day, to see family. We had a great visit. Waiting for ferries, sitting for an hour and a half each direction gave me plenty of writing time in my journal. As usual, it was about organizing  stuff.



Summer top with lace

In Turkey, I bought a cheap top a cotton crinkle with raglan sleeves and rather bulky lace at the front neckline. Typical tourist top. I traced off a pattern for it and used a cotton medallion  lace in navy to go with some fabric I bought in Belgrade.


I can’t resist a paisley and although this one is very bright, worn with denim in the summer it will be fine. The fabric is very light lawn of silk and cotton I think. It is as soft as one of my mom’s old hankies. It is also very cool to wear.

I did narrow hems and I think I added some bias to the seam where I joined it to the lace.

I always planned on wearing it with dark denim or navy.


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