Making a list

This is post 500, it has taken me nearly 11 years to accomplish this.  Three different blog hosts, all are now transferred to this site. Fabricfan is short for fabric fanatic.

I have always had a tough time with the posting of photos, and have tried different things, I have used a regular desktop computer, an I pad and now a Microsoft surface. There has been a variety of cameras involved as well. Most of my crafts have been documented. A few vacations have been written about as well. I have been finding it easier to post them lately.

Not too much family stuff, most of them don’t want to be on the blog.

On Wed, this week, we went to Victoria, for the day, to see family. We had a great visit. Waiting for ferries, sitting for an hour and a half each direction gave me plenty of writing time in my journal. As usual, it was about organizing  stuff.




Summer top with lace

In Turkey, I bought a cheap top a cotton crinkle with raglan sleeves and rather bulky lace at the front neckline. Typical tourist top. I traced off a pattern for it and used a cotton medallion  lace in navy to go with some fabric I bought in Belgrade.


I can’t resist a paisley and although this one is very bright, worn with denim in the summer it will be fine. The fabric is very light lawn of silk and cotton I think. It is as soft as one of my mom’s old hankies. It is also very cool to wear.

I did narrow hems and I think I added some bias to the seam where I joined it to the lace.

I always planned on wearing it with dark denim or navy.


Two Conferences

I am interested in two up coming conferences.

First up, Felt-Feutre Canada, it is in Penticton in the Okanagan, and we will go see a couple of friends and visit the gallery show and maybe the vendors market. I have a desire to do some wet felted containers.

The second conference,  the Association of sewing and design professionals, is in Vancouver and has master class workshops and fashion shows, i would like to take in the gallery show and the vendors market. I have seen Ivan Sayers give a variety of talks, each one different and fun. His personal collection is enormous  and he is very knowledgeable.

New fabric


This old post was written three years ago and never published. I did make up the Fabric below a year later, a long maxi v necked summer dress line with black batiste, lining, it really doesn’t get much wear. I haven’t found any photos of it. I finished a blouse with the second fabric  and it will be in the next post.

The lace and buttons have not been used yet.

We have been away for 2 weeks on a river cruise in Eastern Europe.
We were on a tour bus in Belgrade and I saw a fabric store pass by my window. It was only about 15 feet wide, so really for fabric I have the eyes of a hawk. I had asked the concierge on the boat for a bead or button store, so when we went to spend free time on shore, the two places turned out to be close to each other. On the way to the fabric store, there were a couple of small windows, really just a couple of pillars one with pleated skirt fabric and one with some lace and buttons.

It was a bit of a rough looking corridor and staircase and the mailboxes alone were worth a picture. It got darker in the hallway upstairs but at the end I caught a glimpse of trims. Wow a little tiny shop with a couple of sales clerks with minimal English but I bought lace and buttons and I was happy. The lace and buttons hasn’t been used yet.

Next we found the fabric store,(it is the 3rd shop) 2 sales clerks and a manager, all speaking excellent English and who were excited pulling out bolts of fabric for my approval. I came away with 2 wonderful summer weight fabrics from Italy. I was quite taken with tablecloth fabric, coating, sweater knits etc, but I had very little room left in my suitcase.IMG_1616

In Rousse,  Bulgaria, I found a Patrones magazine. Elsewhere I found a lot of Burda magazines but I can get them a couple of blocks from the house.


It seems to be a summer of drifting about in my projects, to little effect. Sewing anything has turned out too large, too small, fraying, etc. Followed by making smaller, trying to make armholes bigger, re hemming and fixing up bits.

I am weighed down by too much stuff, I did move out some fabrics, yarn and knitting tools to a few people. I have lost projects. I joined an online group to move out some of my stuff. It hasn’t magically disappeared. I have cleared up certain craft related areas a few times. But having a toss, not so much! Does it bring me joy? Not enough. It all had so much potential.

Stephanieposted a picture of her yarn stash. Brave girl! I think I will do one closet photo, print it out big and hang it up as motivation. I tool 13 pictures, i have started the clearout.


Kate , also posted her experiences.

My hobbies in order of importance are sewing, knitting and mixed media.No longer of much importance, doll making, jewellry making, book binding, teddy bears, making bags, making cards, and all that entails. My blog at one time was called fabric stash!

Another confession, my stuff is in 2-  8 foot closets, the bedroom closet  on several shelves and  part of the floor. In my sewing room,  it is piled sky high in book cases and on the window seat, rolling carts etc. The bottom of the linen closet and in the storage room  in large totes!

Seeing this written out really underscores the need to get going at it.

A couple of Presto tops

In January I decided to make a couple of tops. I chose the Presto top by Coco  Savage, I made a size large and the first one I made was the burnout cotton/poly ?, I bought from Fabric mart. I loved the pattern but the hardest part was the front seam. Two  front pieces sewed down the center fold, but I liked being able to adjust the depth of the v neck at this stage of the pattern. The  sleeves were a little too narrow for me and they  tend to roll up above the elbow. People thought I had lost weight and got a lot of complements.\



The second blouse was made with a light mesh fabric from Fabricland, I made the sleeves a little wider. The fabric match up the front was not as good this time and the other problem I had was the hem, my fault, I used stretch lace hem tape, which I thought was a good idea but where it was sewn by machine it pulled too tight and so I have taken out that seam binding and will probably machine stitch the hem in place. I can’t resist a paisley especially in blue and brown which I can wear with jeans and brown pants.



Shams at Communing with fabric has also made the top a few times.

I will be making it again. I love a nice tried and true pattern.


Back shady patio.

We have been living at this location for a few years and the gardens have not felt right. So we hired a gardener to do the heavy lifting. The heart balloon appeared one day, I thought someone loved what we had done, but no it just blew in and I confess, it made me happy.

In Feb,the gardener  came and did half of the garden and I thought that I would leave the rest until I thought it all out. Nothing like half of a plan. I really liked the big blue pot and then of course, the rest of the plan came together. More river rock and a few more pots, some artificial turf and it will seem perfect to my eyes.We have slowly added more plants, polished the glass baubles.  I need one art piece to hang on the wall near the kitchen window, I was thinking metal or wood, now I am considering making a floor cloth and hanging it up. Just have to think up the design.

So last Sunday, the artificial turf was put down.  Thanks to my son and his wife, my grandson  tested out the toys on the new surface, who worked on that. I added a new tablecloth, place mats and glasses.  I love the new look. It is shady in the daytime, and sunny at supper, but now we even enjoy sitting inside having dinner looking out into a new improved space.I suppose it will take another year till I figure out the front sunny hot patio.



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